Daughters of Penelope Salute
Greece's New Foreign Minister

WASHINGTON-In the beautiful setting of the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Washington, DC, the Daughters of Penelope held their Biennial Salute to Women on Saturday, March 11, 2006, honoring Dora Bakoyannis, Foreign Minister of Greece.

Grand President Mary Boufis Filou, Ph.D. said, "The Daughters of Penelope are proud to honor Dora Bakoyannis, the first woman elected Mayor of Athens and the first woman to become Foreign Minister of Greece. Her leadership and dedication in areas as bringing terrorists to justice, the most successful Olympic Games, and concern for women's rights have brought her wide acclaim. Her accomplishments are worthy of our recognition."

Although her new duties as Foreign Minister prevented her from attending the Salute, Ms. Bakoyannis was present in a videotaped acceptance of the award. She lauded the philanthropic works of the Daughters of Penelope and warmly accepted the award bestowed by them.

"Your philanthropic, educational and cultural contribution to the United States, Canada and Greece can hardly pass unnoticed," she said. "Truly remarkable is to witness the strength and devotion of highly committed women at the service of their local and broader society. It is a testimony of the true abilities of women and the landmark of society solidarity."

Foreign Minister Bakoyannis added, "The Daughters of Penelope remain true to our common Hellenic heritage and culture, and have worked hard in order to ensure the spread of Greek values in civilization."

Chairman of the event, Evellyn Tsiadis, Past Grand President, said, "Guests at the Salute to Women included over 200 Daughters of Penelope, Ahepans, Maids of Athena and Sons of Pericles. They came to honor our most respectable recipient, Dora Bakoyannis. We are honored that Ms. Bakoyannis so graciously accepted our recognition."

This marks the first time the Greek Embassy has opened its doors for such an event. Ambassador Mallias indicated, "I hope it is the first of many times the Embassy is used for such a purpose."

Speakers included Mary Boufis Filou, Ph.D., Grand President, Daughters of Penelope; His Excellency Alexandros Mallias, Ambassador of Greece to the United States, Gus J. James II, Supreme President, Order of AHEPA; Maria Mastrokyriakos, Grand President, Maids of Athena; and Mike Panayotou, Supreme President, Sons of Pericles; Cathy Ferguson, Past Grand President, Daughters of Penelope; and Evellyn Tsiadis, Past Grand President and Chairman of the Salute to Women.

Pictured Are (L-R): Daughters of Penelope Grand President
Dr. Mary B. Filou, Ambassador Alexandros Mallias, and Salute
Chairman and Past Grand President Evellyn Tsiadis.

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Established in 1929, The Daughters of Penelope is the women’s organization of the AHEPA Family (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) with Headquarters in Washington, D.C.; and is a leader in philanthropic, educational and cultural activities with over 350 chapters in the United States, Canada, Greece and Cyprus, and Australia. Each chapter of the Daughters of Penelope makes a difference in its community by devoting countless hours to volunteer work in hospitals, retirement homes, women’s centers and daycare centers; and by organizing educational seminars, helping the less fortunate, supporting their local church and making monetary contributions to local charities and scholarship funds.

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