Fred Elias Ensemble Produces CD, Receives Rave Reviews from Performers

Read what performers and fans are saying--

  • "Sure to delight and pull you out of your seat to dance--Ancient Art Studios (
  • "The ensemble – violinist Fred Elias, drummer and percussionist Michael Gregian, guitarist and bassist Nick Kokoras and keyboardist George Kokoras – are all stars in their own right in the Middle-Eastern music scene, both locally and beyond. But they have also been playing together for decades, the new CD reflects their years together performing for dancers and audiences as well as their dedication to the musical styles that have endured in the American nightclub setting."--Sequins of Events website (
  • "'Elegant Music for Belly Dance' is the result of 40 years of musical collaboration between Fred Elias, George and Nick Kokoras, and Mike Gregian. . . . It is a beautiful blend of traditional Middle Eastern modes and rhythms with original interpretations by these amazing artists!"--The Dancing Gypsy (
  • Recommended by Amarasdance on Bhuz, Belly Dance Central web portal (

Where to buy this CD

Andre LeClair,, 888-670-7034

Ensemble booking information, contact:

George Kokoras,
Mike Gregian,

(Posting date 2 December 2009. Updated 16 March 2011.)

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