Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Society Ensemble Announces Release of its First Recording

Taking its name from the concert program "Kyklos Musikis," the CD set includes the following selections: Misirlou, Tabakiera, Kaimos. Fthologia, Athens, Hartino Fengari, Agapissa, Zebekiko Evdokias, Tha Se Xanavro Stous Baxethes, a medley of Ipirotika -- Kato Stin Aghia Marina, Yianni Mou to Mantili Sou, To Fengari Kani Volta, and Then Boro Manoula -- plus Tango Tis Nefelis, Itia, Aetos, Basobasilo, Paraponiariko Mou, Rezenda, Taximia (Santouri and Violin), Ferte Mou Ena Mandolino, Pame Mia Volta Sto Fengari, Mana Mou Kai Panagia, To Fengari Einai Kokkino, Tis Agapis Aimata, and Perivoli, along with brief introductory remarks by Mary Papoutsy.

Musicians who participated in the recording were George N. Constantelo, playing the drums, Frederick Elias, violin, as well as serving as co-conductor and arranger, Dimitri Gribizis, violin, Robert Herschbach, piano, George Kaminaris, guitar, Dennis Karageanis, guitar, Larry Kontos, guitar and flute, Nick Koustas, accordion, John Marco, clarinet, Stephen Marks, guitar, Richard Papantonis, bouzouki, Christos Papoutsy, santouri, percussion, and serving as co-conductor, Mikel Papoutsy, guitar, Thomas Pappas, trumpet, Jimmy Shahrigan, bass fiddle, Dr. Edmund Telage, violin, Dimitri Yiannacopoulos, piano, and Sotiris Zorbas, bouzouki. Several musicians performed taximia or solos, notably violinist Dimitri Gribizis during the Ipirotika medley, Nick Koustas on the accordion for Perivoli, and Christos Papoutsy, santouri, along with Frederick Elias, violin, in an untitled taxim.

Featured vocalists were Marina Avraam, a well-known New England figure, singing Agapissa, Hartino Fengari, and Tango tis Nefelis. World-renowned Dramatic Soprano Joanna Sfekas-Karvelas performed Pame Mia Volta Sto Fengari, Mana Mou Kai Panagia, To Fengari Einai Kokkino, and Tis Agapis Aimata. A number of musicians also performed as vocalists: Sotiris Zorbas, singing the Carl Hatsis Orchestra theme song Rezenda, and the medley Kaimos, Ftohologia, and Athina; Dimitri Gribizis, Ipirotika medley Kato Stin Aghia Marina,Yianni Mou to Mantili Sou, Fengari Kani Volta, and Den Boro Manoula; George Kaminaris, Basobasilo; Dennis Karageanis, Itia; and the entire orchestra, Perivoli.

The double CD set has received favorable reviews, both from professional musicians an criticis and from patrons of the debut concert.

Angela Argiropoulos of Laconia, New Hampshire wrote, "What a wonderful CD Kyklos Musikis is!" Father Peter and Presvytera Alexandra Rizos of Lowell penned, "We love the Kyklos Musikis CD!" From George and Margo Chryssis of Weston came a report that the Kyklos Musikis CD was "beautiful."  Father Constantine Sarantidis of Portland, Maine complimented the ensemble: "We enjoyed every moment of listening to this great CD." From the correspondence of Arthus Matsis of Nashua, New Hampshire, the society received the following comments: "You have outdone your musical repertoire with your most recent Kyklos Musikis CD.  We have played it over and over and each and every time we do, the music fills us with great joy and happiness." Paul Properzio of Andover commented that the CD was excellent and that the quality was "quite good for a live recording at a church hall."  John and Laurie Hartofelis of Manchester, New Hampshire wrote: "We are playing the beautiful CD...it's just like we were at the concert. It is just wonderful."

Organizations interested in planning an event may telephone the Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Society Ensemble at (603) 431-9433 to arrange to receive this beautiful, newly released CD set at no charge.