Miserlou - Thessaloniki Mou - Zingoula - Travma - Kani Volta to Fengari - Ferte Mou Ena Mandolino - Tango Tis Nefelis - Rezenda

And many more!

The songs you love, including classics by Hadjidakis and Theodorakis, folk music from the mountains and islands, rebetiko, and the newer hits of performers such as Dalaras and Haris Alexiou. All performed in masterful arrangements featuring celebrated interpreters of Hellenic music. CDs are $15 each. To order your CD by e-mail, write to helleniccomserve@aol.com Please include your name, address, and a phone number so your order can be confirmed. CDs may also be ordered by writing to the following address: Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Society Orchestra, PO Box 710, Rye Beach NH 03871

About the Orchestra

The mission of the Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Society is to promote and enhance awareness of Greek and Near Eastern music in America and beyond. The Society believes that its music represents a key component of Hellenic and Near Eastern culture, transcending all boundaries of age, politics, religion, ethnic origin and socioeconomic strata. Unique in its many artistic forms, the music serves as a universal language, appreciated and understood by all. To quote the noted Greek poet Kostis Palamas, "The ancient Greeks imbued music with meaning. For them, poetry was music, philosophy was the highest form of music; everything that systematically and harmoniously shapes life was music; every refinement of the soul was music."

One of the Society's principal undertakings has been to support the music performances of its orchestra, the Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Society Orchestra, a 25-piece orchestra. With nearly all instruments played acoustically, this orchestra presents a unique and sophisticated sound for concerts and other special events. The group offers a concert program featuring a repertoire of pieces by such noted Greek composers and performers as Hatzidakis, Theodorokis, Markopoulos, Moschos, Tsitsanis, Dalaras, Alexiou, and Glykeria.

Both the Society and orchestra were created in 2000 by Frederick Elias, Christos Papoutsy, and Mary Papoutsy with a grant from the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Charitable Foundation.

Performing Members of Orchestra

Marina Avraam, vocals
George N. Constantelo, drums
Frederick Elias, co-conductor, arranger, and violinist
Katerina Geomelos, vocals
Michael Geomelos, bass guitar
Michael Gregian, dumbek, clarinet
Dimitrin Gribizis, violin, vocals
Robert Herschbach, piano
George Kaminaris, guitar, vocals
Georgia Kokoras, vocals
Larry Kontos, flute, clarinet
Nicholas Koustas, accordion
Kostas Christos Maniatakos, outi
John Marco, clarinet
Stephen Marks, guitar
Richard Papantonis, bouzouki
Christos Papoutsy, santouri, drums, co-conductor
Mary Papoutsy, program narrator and administrator
Mikel Papoutsy, guitar
Thomas Pappas, trumpet
Ross Richardson, guitar
Jimmy Shahrigian, contra bass violin
Edmund Telage, violin
Sotirios Zorbas, bouzouki, vocals