Donald Trump: Good Samaritan
Greek Style

by Christopher Xeneopoulos Janus

I've been trying to reach Donald Trump at his 5th Avenue office in New York and at his casino in Atlantic City and at his landmark beautiful home in Palm Beach, Florida where I met him some years ago.

My purpose in reaching him is to verify or deny a truly wonderful story about him, which if true, shows how human and caring a self-made billionaire can be.

I've also talked with several people who know him. Marjorie Cochrane, a popular and prominent resident of Palm Beach, calls Trump one of Palm Beach's most liked and generous residents. A negative thing about him, he doesn't always check with the appropriate local authorities when he wants to change some part of his land­mark former "post" mansions.

Art Nielsen of Winnetka met Trump recently in Palm Beach at his home. He found him one of the most interesting businessmen he has ever met. Trump talked with Nielsen about the super skyscraper he is building in Chicago Sun-Times site.

Trump wanted Nielsen's opinion on finding the best tenants for his skyscraper. Nielsen is one of the few persons I've met who did not hear the good Samaritan story about Trump.

The nearest I've gotten someone to verify the Trump story is talking with a Greek woman who worked for the Trump family in Palm Beach. She had heard the story many times but would not verify or deny the story but she said I should know that what Trump did or did not do, it was not for publicity and he would prefer you not to print the story.

Then she added as a fellow, Greek I should know what she means. But I've decided that true or false, it's too good a story not to share with you.

The following is the story with some bio­graphical material:

Donald Trump was in Chicago in connection with his plans to build the super skyscraper.

He had an important meeting in Indianapolis which he planned to drive with his driver but his driver had a stroke and Trump decided to drive himself.

On the way Trump' drove over a sharp curb and blew a tire. Trump can do many things but changing a tire is not one of the things he chooses to do.

Several cars passed him by, but a young man in a Ford Truck stopped and asked him if he could help. Trump Said, "you sure can and I'll give you $50 if you can do it right away."

The young man replied, "I'll be glad to help you But I cannot accept any money." The young man changed the tire in a few minutes and Trump again insisted he take the money.

The young man told Trump he was a member of the Random Acts of Kindness society and could not accept the money. "If you want to repay me, just do a simple act of kindness."

The young man wouldn't even give Trump his name, but Trump copied his license plate number and then drove off.

Trump then called his office in New York and gave instructions to one of his assistants to find out everything he could about the young man and call him back. The young man was married with a six month old baby girl. He was a mechanic and was actually looking for a job.

And ten days after this happened, the young man received a telephone call from his bank. The bank official thanked him for his business and said if there was more he could do to please call him. The Young man, very puzzled asked, "What is this all about?" "Well, don't you know? Your mortgage has been paid in full. I'm returning your house deed today, Congratulations."

And that's how the story goes.

Self-made billionaire Donald Trump rewarded and admired the young man for changing his tire.

Following is some biographical essay from the internet: -In a decade when the business wheeler-dealer replaced the rock star, movie idol and sports legend in the public imagination. Donald Trump became a true hero in the eighties.

To say he was a real estate tycoon is the epitome of understatement.

Donald Trump is a mega-developer, a major shaper of New York City landscape, a landlord to the high and mighty.

A gambling impresario in Atlantic City, a corporate raider whose mere interest in a company sets off tremors on, Wall Street.

But even more than that, Donald Trump is a deal maker in a very public way. A handsome young man whose triumphs at the conference table are widely chronicled by the media and followed by an attentive public, many of whom seem starstruck in his presence.

Donald Trump

In a narrative introducing an excerpt from his best-selling book 'THE ART OF THE DEAL', The New York Times Magazine declared, Donald Trump is one of the most remarkable figures of the roaring eighties- a true creature of the age. More than a New York real estate developer and deal-maker, Trump has become the personification of hustle and chutzpah, flagging Mayor Koch one day raiding.

Holiday Inn or United Airlines the next, pronouncing on the Persian Gulf on the back page of The Times the day after that.

A self-made billionaire by age 40, Trump can claim the title of America's ultimate yuppie, the number one impressario of financial backing in a city that thrives on egotism and great deals.

(Posting date 19 November 2007)

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