June Retreat for High School Graduates Sponsored by 
Metropolis of Atlanta

The Metropolis of Atlanta has announced the first annual retreat for graduating high school seniors on 10-12 June 2005 at the Diakonia Center in Salem, SC. Under the spiritual direction of His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta and the chairmanship of Fr. Andrew Scordalakis, this "Graduation Celebration" is designed to meet the needs of today's young people. It is an effort to "impress upon them who and what they are as Orthodox Christians as they prepare to leave their homes for work or for college." Fr. Scordalakis urges all families to encourage their seniors to participate, since "it may be our final attempt to engage and inspire our young people ina retreat setting as they begin another chapter in their lives, a chapter that may or may not include the discernment of their parents and church."

The retreat will focus on issues important to youth and help them answer critical questions about their growth and maturity as Orthodox Christians:
"How do I stay close to my church & family while maintaining independence?"
"How to I live a Christ-centered life at college without looking strange?"
"How do I manage my time?"
"How do I take care of my health at college?"
"What are some challenges I should expect at college?"
"How do I know what the future holds for me at college & beyond?"
"What resources are available to me through my church?"

Costs of the weekend retreat are $50 per student for registration; the Metropolis covers all remaining costs to the Diakonia Center, including lodging, meals, snacks, and all materials. For more information, visit the website of the Metropolis of Atlanta at the URL http://www.atlanta.goarch.org and click on "Metropolitan Resources," then "Youth Diakonia," and finally "Retreats." The Metropolis has downloadable registration forms, waivers, informational flyers, and a letter from Fr. Andrew. Deadline is Tuesday, May 31, 2005. For all other questions, contact Michelle Cassimus, Youth Coordinator of the Metropolis: 404-634-9345 or youth@atlmetropolis.org.

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