Is Greek Budget A New Oxymoron Or A New Greek Tragedy?

Greeks follow their budgets only ad calendas Grecas. Greek budgets are the Trojan horses to fool the European Union and the Greek citizens! There is no meaning of talking about budgets when there are secret deficits, secret debts, secret accounts, fuzzy logic, weird expectations, wrong extrapolations, nonlinearities, armies of state drones, lies, kickbacks, corruption beyond control, loss of integrity, misleading statements, creative accounting, interference into the markets, double dippings, rule of gangs, promises of everything under heaven, overregulation, overtaxation, astronomical national debt, millions of public employees in a small nation of only 10 million people. Greek budget is definitely a new oxymoron!

A Greek libertarian politician, Basil Venitis, thinks the situation is so bad that Greece has to bring back king Constantine to put some control on corruption and government; otherwise, there is a serious danger of military takeover. The primeminister, nephew of a primeminister, is ignorant of libertarian economics and cannot govern at all. The leader of opposition, son of a primeminister and a grandson of a primeminister, is entirely ignorant of economics, ridden with the cancer of socialism, and cannot lead constuctively either. Venitis calls those noncharismatic leaders and all reps of familyocracy "voutyrobebethes" literally translating to butterboys or milkboys! He is frustrated that democracy gave in to familyocracy and calls on Greeks to revolt against the status quo!

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