Democracy is society's crowning achievement, and is of paramount importance to mankind.

Greece gave birth to the ideals of Democracy, which was treasured and honored by its citizens at great costs and sacrifices.

Modern day civilization traces its beginnings to Democracy, which goes hand in hand with liberty and respect for all men and women.

Democracy blossomed in the fertile soil of Greek Culture, which is dedicated to serving the moral and spiritual uplifting of man, and the ideals of justice, progress, solidarity and peaceful coexistence among people and nations.

History teaches us that we have an obligation to safeguard and protect our Democratic institutions. The fortieth anniversary of the fall of the military dictatorship that ruled Greece for seven years marks a period of significant developments for Hellenism all around the world. We have entered the era in which our motherland can boast of progress in all-sectors. These recent success back home coincide with the reappearance of Philhellenes all around the world, and exciting developments taking place in Greek Communities across every continent.

As Greek-Americans, we have a responsibility to safeguard the Democratic ideals established by our forefathers. Let us all rise to the occasion and meet the historic challenge by passing on this age-old legacy to the coming generations, as we spread the Hellenic values and principals that are inextricably linked to the ideals of Democracy.

Let us all join forces to preserve our national identity and unity. Let us all work together to secure the inalienable rights of our country and our people.

Let us all treasure the Democratic principles through which humanity will discover the solution to the impasses of modem society!

Ted. G. Spyropoulos
SAE of Americas Coordinator

(Posting date 6 June 2007)

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