We first became aware of Mrs. Rouvelas' book a few years ago; it was being sold as a fundraiser for a local chapter of the Philoptochos Society. After scanning quickly through the sample copy, we decided to order more, giving more than one dozen out to family members and friends.

Just as others have reviewed and endorsed this wonderful book, we, too, join the chorus of Greek admirers. The book is well-organized, structured around three parts, ecclesiastical traditions, everyday customs, and feastdays-holidays. Rouvelas treats every topic imaginable; her book appears comprehensive in scope and thorough in its approach. Even recipes and instructions for participating in traditional events have been included. Rouvelas' writing style is straightforward, with clear explanations of all topics, making the book a must for every family and a great gift-giving item.

Lovely drawings by Olga Angelo Deoudes periodically punctuate the individual entries, used either to demonstrate a procedure or to illustrate a particular event. All ecclesiastical topics, moreover, have come under the exacting eye of the book's religious editor, the late Bishop George.

In short, we commend author Rouvelas and believe this book should be in every family's library.


"This book is a treasury of lore and practical information that will be indispensable to anyone marrying into a Greek family as well as to Greek Americans eager to learn more about their heritage. My wife wishes she had this book twenty-three years ago to teach her the things she had to learn the hard way."—Nicholas Gage, author of Eleni, Hellas, A Place for Us[and Greek Fire]

"Rouvelas believes that the uniquely rich cultural legacy rooted in classical antiquity and shaped by Orthodoxy should be accessible to the present generation and preserved for the future. . .MY RECOMMENDATION IS SIMPLE. GET THE BOOK. THEN USE IT. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID."—Eva Catafygiotu Topping, author of Holy Mothers of Orthodoxy: Women and the Church and Saints and Sisterhood: Lives of Forty-eight Holy Women.

"There should be A COPY INEVERY HOME. . . a reference book that provides the basics of Greek-American living."—Rev. Dr. Robert G. Stephanopoulos, Dean of the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, New York City.

"I learned more about Hellenism and Greek Orthodoxy from A Guide to Greek Traditions And Customs In America than from any other book I have read. Marilyn Rouvelas combines a delightful writing style with a complete coverage of everything we ought to know. This book is A JOYFUL DEMONSTRATION OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE GREEK AMERICAN AND A GREEK ORTHODOX."Charles Moskos, Professor, Northwestern University and author of Greek Americans: Struggle and Success.

About the Author
Marilyn Rouvelas was married to her Greek-American husband, Emanuel, in 1967. She wished then that a book like this had been available. Over the years, as she and her husband raised their two children, she learned about the religion and culture of the community, joined the Ladies Philoptochos Society, and served on the parish council. Her research for this book included several years of listening to and taping a group of Greek-American women as well as additional studies and interviews. The author has a bachelor's in history from the American University. She has done research for The Atlantic Monthly magazine and production for public television and the Discovery Channel.

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