Greek Teachers' Association "Prometheus" Newsletter--June 2005

By Nancy Biska

Philanthopists and educators honored by
 Prometheus on 22 May 2005 at
Terrace on the Park in New York

Speakers and officials at the symposium sponsored by HANC in Philadelphia: Dr. K. Papadakis; Chr. Tomaras; Th. Spyropoulos, and A. Agelarakis.

Newsletter highlights:
  • Educators and Philanthropists Honored by Prometheus--on May 22, 2005 at the Terrace on the Park in New York, a number of individuals were honored by Prometheus, including 15 Greek-American teachers for dedicated service: Y. Dallas; V. Filiotis; E. Horafa; T. Kokkinos; A. Migaris; M. Mouzakis; E. Panagis; C. Parthenis; A. Roufakis; Dr. J. Siolas; V. Siris; R. Syntilas; P. Volikas; M. Zahariou; and Dr. A. Zahariou. Mr. and Mrs. Kaloidis, Greek-American philanthropists, also received honors from the organization, for the extensive philanthropy and support of education.
  • Speech given by Dr. Constantine Papadakis, President of Drexel University: "The Value of Bilingualism for Academic and Professional Success." Delivered at the Third Symposium on Hellenic Educational Council, organized by the Hellenic American National Council at the Sheraton University City Hotel in Philadelphia, PA.

The full text of the entire 6-page newsletter will be available shortly on HCS.

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