Readers' Comments about Ecumenical Patriarchate of
Orthodox Christianity Under Siege

ISBN: 14528202
Softcover: 277pp; Price $20.00

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  • "I just finished reading your latest book Ecumenical Patriarchate of Orthodox Christianity UNDER SIEGE. Stylishly written and overflowing with drama, pathos, and love, here is a matchless account and history of a forgotten Orthodox microcosm of Byzantium, Halki. The information and many documents which you have presented will certainly influence the international powers to enlighten the Turkish government to "Unlock the Doors of the Theological School of Halki." Congratulations!"--Professor Emeritus John C. Rouman.

  • "It’s a monumental work and one I haven’t been able to put down ever since I received . . . [a] copy. . . . The effort involved in assembling the treasure trove of material is remarkable, and speaks to the importance of what you’ve done. Moreover, the amazing plethora of photos heretofore unseen by us gives added life to the printed word. And although one is left with a feeling of sadness at the plight of this incredible institution as one reads your book, a sense of resolve encompasses the reader when he realizes what remains to be done.--James Rouman, M.D.

(Posting date 23 October 2010; updated 19 March 2011)

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