Hellenic Business Network Congratulates Tasso Argyros on Phenomenal Business Success with Aster Data Systems

Hellenic Business Network (HBN) congratulates Tasso Argyros on his phenomenal success in building Aster Data Systems into the proven market leader in high-performance analytic database systems for data warehousing.

The San Carlos, California based Aster Data, one of the most innovative startups in the enterprise data warehousing (EDW) arena was acuired by Teradata, one of the longtime EDW powerhouses.

This $263 million all-cash deal, expected to close in the second quarter, will bring Aster Data's well-regarded brand, exceptional team, growing product portfolio, and sophisticated intellectual property (IP) into Teradata.

Mr. Tassos Argyros is a co-founder and serves as Chief Technology Officer at Aster Data Systems, Inc. Mr. Argyros served as Vice President of Engineering at Aster Data Systems, Inc. He was as Member of the Distributed Systems Group and investigated extreme-scale cluster architectures for fast, parallel data processing across large farms of commodity servers. Mr. Argyros investigated the network and software issues involved in the design and implementation of large-scale data clusters. Mr. Argyros Co-founded Aster Data Systems, Inc. He serves as a Director of Aster Data Systems, Inc.

Before studying at Stanford, he conducted research in data mining for temporal and web databases at the Technical University of Athens. Mr. Argyros has been working with Prof. David Cheriton in the Computer Science department at Stanford University, as part of his PhD research. Mr. Argyros is a recipient of a Stanford Graduate Fellowship and holds a Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. He enjoys skydiving and many other activities.


(Posting date 01 April 2011)

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