Hellene-Australians ask for Pontian Genocide Recognition

An expatriate Hellene delegation has submitted a request to Victoria Prime Minister Steve Bracks asking from his government to recognize the Pontian Genocide.

The delegation consisted of the President of the Federation of Pontian Associations in Australia Panagiotis Iassonidis; SAE Oceania Coordinator Costas Vertzayias; the President of the Pan-Macedonian Association of Melbourne & Victoria Dimitris Minas; representatives of the Hellenic Community in Melbourne &Victoria; and the President of the Victoria Coordinating Committee of Cypriot Struggle Costas Prokopiou.

The members of the delegation expressed their full support to Deputy Justice Minister Jenny Mikakou, who had denounced the Pontian Genocide by the Turks, asking from the State Senate to recognize the Pontian Genocide by the Turks just as the NSW government had done by walling in a memorial tablet in the Parliament.

Meanwhile, in a second letter to Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia Peter Costello, the Federation of Pontian Associations of Australia expresses its discontent to Mr Costellos’ refusal to answer a protest-letter of the Pontian Associations regarding his recent commendatory comments for Kemal. The Federation insists on a personal meeting with Mr Costello in order to inform him about the Pontian Genocide in detail.

Meanwhile, in France, an Armenian delegation pushed for legislation to prohibit anyone from denying the Armenian genocide happened. The French government approved it overwhelmingly. In order to become law, it still has to go through the Upper Senate and then to the president.

(Posting date 6 November 2006)

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