A Hellenic CaseAgainst Hillary

by Theodore G.Karakostas

The following critique is not motivated by partisanship. I am a critic of the anti-Hellenic and anti-Orthodox policies of both major political parties. However, the focus now is Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. In 1992, then Presidential Candidate Bill Clinton promised the Greek-American community he would not recognize Skopje with the name Macedonia. In 1994, the Clinton administration broke its promise and subsequently recognized Skopje under the Hellenic name of Macedonia. The Clinton administration subsequently tried to pressure Athens to lift the embargo that had been justifiably imposed by Greece in retaliation to the treacherous act undertaken by the Clinton administration.

On January 31, 1996 the Clinton administration represented by Undersecretary of State Richard Holbrooke supported Turkish aggression in the Aegean at the expense of Greece when the Greek flagcame down from the islet of Imia. In December 1998, when the Republic of Cyprus was set to install anti-aircraft missiles as a defensive measure against Turkey, the Clinton administration supported Turkish aggression. In contrast to the pressure used by the Clinton administration to prevent Cyprus from adopting a policy of self defense, the Clintons permitted Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Al Quada to arm and train the Muslims of Bosnia against the Bosnian Serb leadership that was resisting the attempted Islamicization of the region by the fundamentalist President Aliza Azatbegovic.

During the Bosnian War, the Clinton administration permitted Turkish soldiers to go to Bosnia, the first time Turkish soldiers were present in the Balkans since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. In 1996, Human Rights Watch traveled to Washington to lobby against the Clinton administration's sale of clusterbombs to Turkey, in light of the atrocities and war crimes being committed by the Turkish military against the civilian Kurdish population. In December 1998, the Clinton administration bombed Iraq on the grounds that Baghdad was building weapons of mass destruction. The bombing stopped before the Muslim holymonth of Ramadan.

Contrast that with the ruthless bombing of Serbia on Orthodox Easter by the Clinton administration. The Clinton administration ignored the appeals of the Serbian Orthodox Church, along with the Orthodox Churches of Greece, Cyprus, Russia, Rumania and elsewhere to halt the bombing. General Wesley Clark specifically targeted civilian targets in Belgrade, and in the aftermath of the ruthless targeting of Orthodox Christian civilians in hospitals, Churches, and buildings Islamic extremists were permitted by the Clinton administration and NATO to destroy the Serb civilians of Kosovo. As a result of the Clinton administration's anti-Orthodox policies, Osama Bin Laden and Al Quada established a presence in Kosovo and Bosnia.

Muslims in Kosovo proceeded to kidnap and decapitate Orthodox Monks Father Charitan Lukic and Stefan Purim. There is a documentary film entitled "Days Made of Fear"* which documents the destruction of hundreds of Serbian Churches and the killings of Serb civilians all of which are the outcome of the politically correct policies of the Clinton administration in making the Balkans safe for Turkey and for Islam. The rabidly pro-Turkish policies of the Clinton administration were manifested by the American role in capturing the Kurdish resistance leader, Abdullah Ocalan who unlike Yasser Arafat or Nelson Mandela, was not treated as a statesman but was condemned to prison and torture because he was the enemy of the murderous Turkish State.

In late 2000, in its final months in office the Clinton administration pressured Congress not to pass a Resolution that would have recognized the Armenian Genocide. The Clintons are no friends of Hellenism or Orthodoxy. The Clinton administration undermined Greece and Cyprus during every crisis that erupted during its eight years in office. They subsequently opened the door for the Islamicization of the Balkans. The Kosovo policy undertaken by the Clintons is a direct challenge to the outcome of the Balkan Wars of 1912-13. Greece liberated Macedonia when Serbia liberated Kosovo, and the change of borders at the expense of Serbia will encourage extremists in Skopje who desire Macedonia.

It was under the Clinton administration that NATO expanded eastward inching ever more closer to the border of Orthodox Russia. For centuries, Tsarist Russia was the only free Orthodox country and was looked upon with fear and terror by the Ottomans. Former Clinton administration officials such as Richard Holbrooke and Madeleine Albright are today active with their neoconservative successors in attempting to crush the rights of Serbia, and to undermine Russia. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has been appealing to the Turkish lobby to support her Presidential Campaign.

In conclusion, the Clinton administration tirelessly worked to set up the various "war crimes" tribunals of former Yugoslavia. In August 1996, the Turkish government through the terrorist group known as the "Grey Wolves" slaughtered four Greek Cypriot protesters. Their murderers, along with those responsible for the crimes perpetrated during the invasions of Cyprus in 1974, and for the 1,600 missing Cypriots were never punished. All this is the record of the first Clinton administration on the national interests of Hellenism.

Theodore G. Karakostas is the founder of the Byzantine Cultural Project.

(Posting date 20 January 2008)

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