Second AnnualHellenic Soccer Tournament
with the Support of SAE-USA

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A successful Second AnnualHellenic Soccer Tournament took place in Chicago for the "Amateur Title ofNorth America" with 18 Greek teams participating from the US and Canada representing 10 cities: Chicago, Detoit, Hamilton, Montreal, Richmond Hill, Seattle, Thornhill, Vancouver,Windsor, and Winnipeg.

Hellas Soccer Club from Winnipeg in Canadian Manitoba won the title, beating Panellinios Soccer Club from Richmond Hill in Ontario, 5-1. In the over-30 age-group, tourney organizers of Chicago won the title by defeating Hellas Soccer Club of Hamilton,Ontario with a score of 6-2.

The trophies were presented in a special ceremony which Mr. Ted Spyropoulos,Coordinator of SAE-USA, and Christos Karabatsis, former player of the Greek soccer team Panathinaikos attended.

"It's all about a great initiative that brings our youth together. SAE-USA will support the expansion of this institution in NorthAmerica," stated Mr.Spyropoulos.

The tournament was organized with the personal support of Mr.Spyropoulos (NationalPlatinum Sponsor) and Antenna Satellite, among other generous sponsors.

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(Posting date 01 October 2007)

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