HLA's Fidanakis Criticizes Greek-American Lobby Groups
Over Handling of Greek Genocides

[Edd.: During a recent commemorative event in NYC for the Greek Thracian Genocide (April 6, 2011), several prominent speakers addressed supporters, one of whom was Ms. Pamela Geller, a noted Jewish-American activist. A detailed account of the event can be found at the URL http://www.helleniccomserve.com/thirdannualgrkgenocidecommnyc04-13-11.html.]

Ms. Geller’s public support for the recognition of the Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Genocides and her call for the Greek American Community to wake up and raise awareness of its own Genocide raises the question, just what are the leading Greek American Advocacy Organizations, such as the American Hellenic Institute doing about the issue? They are after all supposed to be advocating our National Issues in Washington D.C.

The answer is sadly nothing. In fact not only is AHI not doing anything to raise awareness of the Greek Genocide or push for its recognition. Their official position undermines the entire cause for recognition. All one must do is simply check AHI’s Policy Statement to see that they still ignorantly support the idea of recognizing just the ‘Greek Pontian Genocide’ and its ‘500,000’ Pontian and Anatolian Greek victims, rather than supporting our Genocide’s complete recognition and its scholarly recognized 1.4 to 1.7 million victims. There by allowing their official position to forget the Thracian Greek victims and belittle the suffering of Asia Minor Greek victims.

It is the obligation of organizations, like AHI, to break free of petty regionalist agendas and support a policy that best represents historical truth and international justice. It is AHI’s obligation to Hellenism to follow a policy that does not turn our ‘lobby’ into a tool of one American political party to keep our community passive and in the dark. The illusion that has allowed Greek America to become indifferent must be destroyed. We must take heed to the words of Ms. Geller and educate ourselves and our neighbors if we are ever to see the Greek Genocide recognized.

(Posting date 13 April 2011)

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