• Lecture #1 "The Business Plan"

    - Would you like to own your own business?
    - Do you want to build your business?
    - Do you want high sales?
    - Do you want high profits?
    - Do you want more free time?

    Lecture #2 "Marketing"

    - What is a marketing plan?
    - Why do you need a marketing plan?
    - What are the four or more P’s of marketing?

    Lecture #3 "Industry Life Cycle"

    - Embryo
    - Growth
    - Maturity
    - Decline
    - Rebirth
    - Growth Rate
    - Technology Changes

    Lecture #4 "The Three C’s of Business Planning"

    - Concept
    - Customers
    - Cash

    Lecture #5 "The Venture Capitalist"
    Presented by Christos Papoutsy at New Hampshire College on April 16, 1993

    - Issues surrounding venture capital for entrepreneurs and small businesses

    Lecture #6 " Financial Request"

    - Description of lending facility needed and why
    - Collateral—business assets, personal assets, and small business administration guarantee
    - Owner’s capitalization of company

    Lecture #7 "Financial"

    - Start-ups
    - Existing companies

    Lecture #8 "Competitors"

    - Who are they?
    - How much of the market do they hold?

    Lecture #9 "Vendors"

    - Lines of credit
    - Reliability of suppliers and products

    Lecture #10 "Management"

    - Organizational structure
    - Key management

    Lecture #11 " Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Business Disputes"

    - What is mediation?
    - What types of disputes can be resolved through mediation?
    - What are the benefits of mediation?
    - What takes place at the mediation?
    - What is arbitration?
    - Mediation and arbitration clauses


    Lecture #12 "Harvesting the Entrepreneurial Venture"

    Delivered by Christos Papoutsy at Whittemore School of Business at the
    University of New Hampshire on November 6, 1998

    The valuation tree has many branches

    Lecture #13 "Greek Networking Across the Centuries"

    Delivered by Mary Papoutsy for Hellenic Business Network on March 4, 1999

    Lecture #14 "How to Purchase Property in Greece"


    Information on the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Endowed Chair in Business Ethics, established to promote and enhance awareness of ethics in personal and professional settings at New Hampshire College in Manchester, New Hampshire (University of Southern New Hampshire in July 2001). This program seeks to apply the lessons of Classical and modern ethicists to challenges of the 21st century through seminars, courses, lectures, and case studies.

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