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Before you go out in search of game or before you catch the big one - make sure you have permission.

All recreational hunters in Greece must register. They are required to have a permit to own a hunting rifle and a licence to hunt.

All persons sport-fishing in a boat are required to have a fishing licence. Those fishing from shore do not need a licence.

Hunting licence

Hunting-licence applications must be submitted to local hunting clubs. The application must be accompanied by a photocopy of the applicant's Greek identification card or a valid residence permit; two recent passport-size photographs; and a certified photocopy of the permit to own a hunting rifle, which is issued by the Greek police.

The applicant must also sit a hunting education test. Only those applicants who pass the test will be eligible for a hunting licence.

Applicants must also submit a signed statutory declaration, which reads: "I have not been convicted for violating provisions of article 9 of Law 177/1975 and article 18 of Law 2168/1993 concerning violations of the law concerning hunting"

This means that people who have been convicted of a crime or who have prior convictions concerning illegal hunting will not be able to apply for a hunting licence.

The application is submitted to the local police station. It must be accompanied by a statutory declaration stating that the applicant has not been convicted for a crime and is not wanted by police. Five colour photographs are also required.

If the applicant has already bought a hunting rifle, the bill of purchase must be produced.

The police will then check the applicant's background. If the applicant has a criminal record with the justice ministry, the application will be rejected. It takes between one and three months for the ministry to conduct the check.

To obtain a permit to own a hunting rifle and a hunting licence, the applicant must be over 18 years of age. A person can buy a hunting rifle without a permit to own it. But the purchaser must register the rifle with the police and apply for a permit within one month. If caught by police with an unregistered rifle and no permit, the purchaser could serve up to four months in jail.

Only rifles with single- or double-barrels over a metre in length are legal. Just three bullets can be loaded into these at a time. It is illegal to use automatic weapons, nets or traps.

Non-EU foreigners living in Greece can apply for a hunting licence, but must have been legally resident for at least 15 years. Verification of residence may be presented.

EU citizens, diplomats and Greeks from abroad can apply for hunting licences just like Greek citizens. The permits cost between 80 and 120 euros.

The recreational hunter (Greek citizen) is required to carry the hunting licence while hunting or transporting wild birds and wild animals. The hunting licence is valid for the entire hunting season. A permit to hunt around the country costs about 100 euros. A permit to hunt in one region such as central Greece or the Peloponnese costs about 85 euros. A permit to hunt in one particular prefecture costs about 65 euros.

The hunting education test is administered every Monday from 8 to lOam at the Piraeus Forestry Office (8 Ippodameias Square, tel 210 412 6753). The test is administered Monday 9-11am in Egaleo (69 Nikolaou Plastira St, tel 210 5911879).

The 10-page test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. The test resembles the Greek driving test, but without any pictures.

For more information contact the Hunters' Organisation of Greece (8 Fokionas and Ermou sts, tel 210 323 1271) or email

Sport fishing licence

Fishing licences are issued by local port authorities. Licences cost 26 euros and are valid for two years. The cost to renew the licence is 6 euros.

Greek citizens are required to submit two photographs, a photocopy of their ID card and their tax roll number (AFM). EU citizens need two photographs, an AFM and a photocopy of their passport. Non"EU foreigners are not eligible to apply for a fishing licence.

Applicants under age 18 need signed permission from their parents or guardians.

Avid fishermen and fisherwomen must also obtain a fishing licence booklet from the Greek Social Security Fund for Sailors (NAT). The office is located at 1 Ethnikis Antistasios St in Piraeus.

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