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Review of Corelli's Mandolin
What do readers find so compelling about Corelli's Mandolin? It's quite simple. Set against a backdrop of war and brutality, De Bernieres masterfully develops a central love story.
by Christos and Mary Papoutsy

Book Review
Stephen Minta, author of a widely acclaimed book on 16th-century explorer Lope De Aguirre, has written a luminous narrative that blends biography, travelogue and memoir. Minta draws on his own Greek travels, offering vivid pictures of a land and people that have clearly fascinated him deeply.
by Robert Herschbach

Best Stories Often Come From The Heart
Many find that exploring and sharing their deepest thoughts and feelings is a satisfying, and, at times, therapeutic experience. The process allows them to find a new voice; reexamine the stages of their lives; record the events, the people, and the milestones that have shaped them; and pass long their time-tested philosophies of living.
by Sophia Nibi

Hellenic Web

The Hellenic Communication Service introduces a new, regular feature designed to guide you through interesting Greek and related sites on the world wide web. Each month, our staff will present sites which we believe you, our readers and visitors, will find enjoyable and attractive. Our feature begins this month with a look at a website dedicated to a beloved Greek musical tradition, the rebetiko.
by Hellenic Communications Service staff