Rebetiko on the Internet

A London student has created a site dedicated to "the fabulous women who make the rebetiko famous." It includes stories about the performers, discographies, and a useful collection of links. The most exciting feature, though, is an astonishing collection of recordings dating back to the twenties, and featuring many of the most notable female perfomers. You'll need a Real Audio player (comes with many new computers) to hear the recordings.

Now on Triple CD: A Celebration of Greek Music in America

A Musical Extravaganza spanning the generations, featuring Kokoras Ensemble, The Original Grecian Keys, Elliniki Kompania, Ta Pethia, Trio Bel Canto, Journey to Ithaca, Kostas Taslis Quartet, and many others. More information

Santouri Taxim CD Now Available

A taxim is a non-metric instrumental improvisation. Each taxim is unique, performed differently, but always drawing upon the inner depths of emotion and feeling of the lead performer.
Robert J. Andrews...America's Byzantine Iconographer

His first commission for a mosaic icon came at his original home parish in Dover, N.H. From that simple beginning, Andrews has taken his work across the country and internationally. By Virginia Kimball

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