Inauguration of the Christos and Mary Papoutsy St. Nicholas Park in Vatoussa, Lesvos
2-4 August 2008

Inauguration Program:

Saturday, August 2,2008, 6:30pm, St. Nicholas Park

  • Vespers and Artoklasia service at the chapel of St. Nicholas
  • Blessing of the park and amphitheater
  • Welcome and remarks by Mr. Christos Stavrakoglou, President of the Christos and Mary
    Papoutsy Foundation for the Revitalization ofVatoussa
  • Remarks by Chris and Mary Papoutsy, Founders
  • Remarks by Katerina Economou-Demeter, Vice Consul General of Greece at Boston
  • Remarks (poem) by Dino Siotis, poet and publisher of (de )kata Literary Review
  • Remarks by Officials
  • Performance of traditional songs by DEPTA chorus of Mytilene with Lia Kefala conducting
  • Reception

Sunday, August 3, 2008, 7:00pm, St. Nicholas Park

  • Revival of the old popular festival "Fton" in the Papoutsy park
  • Address by Evangelos Gdontellis: "Popular festivals of the past in Lesvos. The 'Fton' of Vatoussa. "
  • Athletic contests organized by Professor Yiannis Katemellis.

Monday, August 4, 2008 9:30am, at the hall of Cultural Organization
"Metamorphosis" in Vatoussa .

  • Day program with the topic: "The present and future of Lesviot Organizations of Athens. Prospects and proposals for the continuation of productive functioning." Program , organized by the Omospondia Lesviakon Syllogon Athinon (OLSA) and the Foundation for the Revitalization of Vatoussa 'Christos and Mary Papoutsy'. Speakers will be Mr. Yiannis Manoukas, Mr. Achilleas Chiotellis, Mr. Yiannis Chatzivasileiou, Ms. Panagiota Plomaritou, Mr. Manolis Papoutsis, a representative of the Foundation ''Nikos Papadimitriou," Mr. Christodoulos Tsakirellis.
  • Brief conducted tour of the center of the traditional settlement of Vatoussa.
  • Reception with speakers

(Posting date 2008)

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