Many European governments underestimate the intelligence of the citizens. Politicians think they can get away with raising indirect taxes, that somehow citizens are so stupid to notice hidden taxes. Well, they were surprised when the Europeans discovered their dirty game. Europeans revolt and move to the underground economy bypassing taxation alltogether!

There are myriad indirect taxes; sales taxes, social security tax, tariffs, inheritance tax, transfer tax, property tax, purchase tax, occupancy tax, and so it goes. The direct corporate taxes are indirect taxes for the consumers, because the prices of products go higher.

The worst offender is the government of Greece. All parties of the Greek parliament are socialist and very corrupt. There are 300 minotaurs in the Greek parliament that suck the blood of Greeks, with huge indirect taxes, astronomical public debt, and political corruption beyond imagination. There is a 48% social security tax, 19% sales tax, taxes on every application, ridiculous objective criteria taxes on business that you were supposed to accomplish but you did not, and taxes on everything under heaven.

The socialist government of Costas Karamanlis has been in power for a year and is expected not to last for another year. Karamanlis pretends in Brussels that his party Nea Demokratia is a conservative party, but in reality it is more socialistic then the main socialist party Pasok. The huge indirect taxes and the astronomical national debt lead Greece to the cliff in a snowball fashion. All foreign investors have disappeared, and most Greeks have moved to the underground economy. Greece is now the #1 underground economy in the whole world. Moreover, Greek politicians are the most corrupt politicians in the whole world.

The source of all corruption in Greece is the Greek constitution, which instead of protecting the citizens from government abuse, it enslaves the citizens to the government. The European Union should declare the Greek constitution null and void, because it violates basic human principles of the European Union.

Basil Venitis
Libertarian Politician of B' Athens

Βασιλης Βενιτης
Φιλελευθερος Πολιτευτης Β' Αθηνων