UNESCO's International Dance Council Announces Upcoming Events in Greece [March Newsletter 2011]

Thursday Lectures

March 10, 2011--"Dance and Architecture." Lecturer: Viky Spanovangeli.

March 17, 2011--Flamenco Evening with Isabella Galaiou from the School of Flamenco Dance "Sentimientos"

March 31, 2011--"The Tango in Stamps. Historical Material with Corresponding Music and Imagery." Lecturer: Pantelis Leousis.

Dance Events

April 29, 2011--Presentation of bridal dresses from the Dora Stratou Theatre group at the Dance and Folklore Society Stimangas of Corinth


June 6-10, 2011--31st World Dance Congress at Didymoteicho. This city is located very near Turkey and Bulgaria. For more information, see http://sites.google.com/site/didimotihosectioncidunesco.


June 25-29, 2011--Ochrida.

August 15-19, 2011--Ochrida.

Collection of Costumes

The great collection of costumes of the "Dora Stratou" Theatre (2000 historical costumes complete with jewelry and accessories) is can be viewed by interested persons through arrangement by phoning Mrs. Christofilopoulou at [011-30]210-324-4395.

Seminar on Polyphonic Song

May 20-22, 2011--A seminar on the polyphonic songs of Epirus "the most primitive form of harmony" at the offices of the "Dora Stratou" Theatre at 8 Scholeiou in Plaka. Lecturers: Vangelis and Anthoula Kotsou. Subscription necessary.

(Posting date 25 March 2011)

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