Journey To Ithaca Bridges Musical Styles in New Recording

Music Review by Christos Papoutsy

This CD is the first produced by the talented quintet, Journey to Ithaca. It represents a collection of pieces about people, places and events encountered by the group. Using original compositions, the group has bridged the gap musically between traditional and contemporary Greek music, drawing together different music styles to correspond analogously to the musicians and experiences. A Stroll Through Our Dreams richly connects musical styles of the past with poetic, and melodic storytelling.

The twelve songs reviewed on this marvelous recording were I Maria tou Dekemvri (Maria in December), Apologismos (Self-Reflection), Animera tou Ai-Yianni (St. John's Day), Thalassa Kyra-Kali (Sea, Gentle Mistress), Mikre, Glyke mou Baglama (My Sweet, Petite Baglama), To Parapono tou Kapetan-Kiriakou (Captain Kiriako's Heartbreak), Odos Evzonon (Evzonon Street), Onirevomoun tis Proalles (Yesterday's Dream), Poli Dihos Synora (City With No Borders), Tryferes Stigmes (Tender Moments), Theresia (Instrumental), Tou Iordani (To Our Friend, Jordan). Fans of Journey to Ithaca will remember that some of these numbers were performed at the Celebration of Greek Music in American concert Harvard in 1998. The sound of this recent CD was produced according to the highest level of standard. When combined with an attractive jewel-case jacket bearing a number of photographs of the musicians, and a handsome enclosure listing the lyrics to the songs, A Stroll Through Our Dreams scores a big hit. Kudos to lyricists and composers Mike Emanouilidis and Thanasis Haberis and to mastering expert Paul Sampsonis for arranging and producing this important recording. All of the musicians of Journey to Ithaca deserve great praise: Makis Emanouilidis (vocals, guitar, and baglama), Thanasis Haberis (vocals and percussion), Adam Padazis (accordion), Paul Sampsonis (bass, guitars, and guitar synthesizer), and Peter Vorvis (bouzouki). As music critics would say, Real tight!

Writer assigns a five star rating to A Stroll Through Our Dreams by Journey to Ithaca.
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