Kathleena Meats To Attend
Phillips Academy
Portsmouth, NH: Mr. and Mrs. Meats have every reason to be proud! Their daughter Kathleena, was accepted to study at the eminent Phillips Academy, Exeter NH. The 15-year old Kathleena, after completing her primary and middle school education in the public system of Portsmouth NH, will attend Phillips Academy starting in September, 2001.

Father Angelo Pappas, the priest of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, announced to his parishioners following Sunday liturgy: "Kathleena is one of the limited number of students worldwide that was accepted by Phillips Exeter this year". Continuing, Father Angelo read excerpts of the letter of acceptance from Philips Academy sent to Kathleena: "Your class could include a patented inventor of a special wheelchair from Florida who is a ranked tennis player, an Olympic swimmer from Korea who helps publish her family's newspaper, a film critic from the Heartland who excels in his Gifted and Talented program, and, we hope, a committed community volunteer from Portsmouth who excels in her Greek studies. Imagine the sparks that will fly when we bring you all together on campus in September."

In addition to excelling in school throughout the years, Kathleena has been studying the Greek language for six years at the afternoon Greek school program at St. Nicholas Greek. She has embraced the Greek language with such zest that during holidays and other functions she captivates the audience with her skill of delivering poetry in Greek and with her ability to dance the Greek traditional dances. There is no doubt that Kathleena's assiduousness and perseverance in studying Greek secured her the opportunity to study in one of the country's top schools.

Her other activities have included seven years of piano lessons, four years of clarinet, and three years studying oboe. She participates in the piano recitals that take place at Sunbridge and Webster Nursing Homes in the Seacoast area five or six times a year. Kathleena is also an able equestrian and she enjoys golf, tennis and softball.

There is no doubt that Kathleena is an exceptional, mature and disciplined individual. "These are the very qualities that Phillips Academy is looking for in its student body", stated Father Angelo as he continued reading excerpts from the acceptance letter: "We are especially concerned to bring into our community people who are mature and disciplined. We believe you possess all these qualities and more. Kathleena, what you showed us in your application, your essays and your interview, and what teachers and others have told us about you, all suggest that you and Exeter are an excellent match".

Behind Kathleena's accomplishments and successes are two loving and supportive parents who attend, support and cheer all of their two children's activities and endeavors. Mr. and Mrs. Meats have their theory about raising their daughters: "a lot of nice books to read, quality TV time, less sports and more academics", they comment with a smile. Kathleena lives in Portsmouth with her parents Larry and Kathleen Meats and her younger sister Lauren.