Metropolitan Methodios Receives Knapp Award

The Massachusetts Council of Churches honored Metropolitan Methodios for his contributions in the ecumenical movement during its recent annual meeting by awarding him the Knapp Award. Also honored was the Rev. John Maheras, the Ecumenical officer of the Metropolis of Boston and Pastor at the Nativity Church in Cohasset, MA. In presenting the Award, Rev. Dr. Diane Kessler, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches said, “In giving this award, we acknowledge the key role that these individuals are playing in furthering the reconciling aims of the ecumenical movement in this place and the gifts that the Greek Orthodox Church is sharing with all churches in the Commonwealth through active participation in the Massachusetts Council of Churches.

Metropolitan Methodios of Boston
with Rev. Dr. Diane Kessler during
the award ceremony

We are especially thankful for the gift of ecumenical hospitality that is so strong in the Orthodox tradition, in keeping with the Apostle Paul’s appeal to ‘welcome one another… just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.’”

In accepting the Award, Metropolitan Methodios said: “I am deeply grateful for the great honor bestowed upon me today during the 104th Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Council of Churches. Indeed, receiving the Forrest L. Knapp Ecumenical Award together with Fr. John Maheras is an honor which we both accept on behalf of the clergy and laity of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston that we are honored to serve. Since assuming my responsibilities in 1984, I have endeavored to be active in the interchurch and inter religious community of Greater Boston and New England, offering “hospitality witness and commitment within and beyond the Metropolis of Boston.”

I am deeply grateful to you for honoring me today. I am particularly grateful for your friendship. I am thankful to God for the Rev. Diane Kessler, the tireless Executive Director of the Mass Council of Churches, who has been especially sensitive to the Orthodox Community in Boston. She has graced many of our community programs and has earned the love and respect of everyone in the Orthodox Christian Community. I thank you, Diane for your friendship and advice all these years.

The spirit of our ecumenical encounters all these years has been one of mutual respect and love, kindness and understanding, together with honesty and commitment to truth. Our commitment has been to “speak the truth in love” and to share in the lives and experiences of our communities.

We here in Massachusetts have experienced steady growth in ecumenical consensus. This is thanks to those who preceded us who created a congenial atmosphere of ecumenical encounters. This has led us to bear common witness on many issues as we are more aware of our universal calling. We have been able to more clearly see that our fellowship in Christ transcends all man made barriers and has enabled us to make that fellowship visible in our lives. May the Holy Spirit inspire everyone in the Mass Council of Churches.”

The purpose of the Knapp Award is to stimulate interest and involvement in the ecumenical task – that is, making visible and effective the unity and mission of the Christian church – by honoring persons and/or institution who/which has contributed significantly to the advancement of ecumenism in Massachusetts. The Award is named for past executive director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches, Rev. Dr. Forrest L. Knapp.

The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston became the first Orthodox Church to join the Massachusetts Council of Church in 2002, the 100th Anniversary of the Massachusetts Council of Churches.

(Posting date 8 July 2006)

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