Cicero's President Larry Dominick is Proud
to Be Greek

The Greek Star
Maria A. Karamitsos

CICERO-"Greeks are everywhere." We hear this all the time. Sometimes, we firid out some who we would never suspect shares our Greek heritage. One of those individuals is Cicero's President Larry Dominick.

President Dominick, 59, traces his Greek roots through his father. His mother is of German descent. His paternal grandparents immigrated to the United States before his father was born. Shortly after their arrival in the US, the family decided to Anglicize its name: the Dominos family became the Dominick family. Like his father, Dominick was baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church and observed Greek holidays, such as Easter. He is very proud of his heritage.

The Dominick family resided in Chicago until he was 12 years old. They moved to Cicero, and he has made his home there ever since.

Cicero Town President
Larry Dominick

In 2006 he was married for the second time, to Elizabeth (Garcia) Dominick. Dominick now splits his time between his duties as Town President and his family life with Elizabeth and his five stepchildren: Arty, Matt, Wayne, Amy, and Joshua. They continue to mourn the loss of her son, Daniel, whose untimely death at the age of 23 occurred three years ago. Together, the Dominicks have five grandchildren: four boys and one girl.

He has served Cicero throughout his life; For 15 years he was employed as a Cicero public works employee. After that, he served as a police officer for 20 years. "I have invested my life and my family's lives in Cicero and I care a great deal about the Town being a decent place to live and raise a family for future generations," remarked Dominick.

Dominick felt that things in his town were going in the wrong direction. "I thought I could do a better job than was being done by the previous administration," he said, and decided to run for town president. "Thankfully, the voters agreed," he continued.

Dominick began his first term as Town President in May 2005. He believes that having grown up in Cicero and calling it home most of his life makes him a most effective leader. He cares very deeply for the town that he has served for all of his adult life.

"People know that I'm sincere about doing what I think is in the best interests of the Town. I am the type of leader who leads by example, by doing more so than by talking," the president remarked.

He has accomplished many things in his first two years in office. This includes doubling the size of the gang crimes unit to more effectively combat the influence on street gangs on Cicero. He's also instituted a comprehensive rodent control department to bring the problem under control. Dominick introduced a program to improve the quality of life for the residents, of Cicero, as well as enhancing public health.

Among his top priorities has been the expansion of youth programs, as well as the development of the President's Office on Literacy. This is a reading program for the elementary school children of Cicero.

Additionally, a new municipal complex and youth center is under construction and will be completed in the fall of 2008. He is also working hard to bring more businesses and jobs to his beloved town, by redeveloping blighted properties and moving forward with the redevelopment of Sportsman's Park, which, once completed, will be one of the biggest economic redevelopment projects in Cook County in the last 50 years.

"I am very proud of my Greek heritage and I do think that both my mother and father instilled in me a sense of duty to serve, to be a good citizen and to be my neighbor's keeper. In America, if you work hard and are a decent person, there is nothing you can't accomplish which is why this is the greatest country on earth," reiterated Dominick.

To young people interested in pursuing a career in public office, Dominick says, "Pursue your dreams." He also warns, that "Politics can be a pretty dirty business so you need to have thick skin. But if you have a real solid sense of yourself and get into public life to help others, then you can do great things. And, frankly, we need more young people with that sensibility in government."

Holding public office is a natural fit; after all, the Greeks invented Democracy. Add the Greek ideals of hard work, pride in family and country, plus a willingness to help others, and you have a winning combination. We can be proud to count President Larry Dominick as one of our own.

(Posting date 25 July 2007)

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