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The Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (E.L.I.A.) is a cultural non-profit organisation. Its basic aim is to collect, preserve and classify 19th and 20th century archival and printed material, particularly that which relates to the modern history and culture of Greece. E.L.I.A.'s merit lies in the fact that it maintains an exceptional collection of archives (more than 800) of historical, literary, economic and artistic content. Besides, it has a remarkable library, containing more than 100.000 volumes of books, magazines, almanacs and newspapers of the above period, considered as one of the most important and the most complete libraries in the country.

For more information you may visit our website (www.elia.org.gr).

Aiming at the effective use and maximum utilization of its collections, E.L.I.A. has proceeded to a series of activities. In relation to publications it is particularly active in the fields of Modern Greek literature and history. It has largely contributed to the publication of bibliographies as well as in the reprint of Greek periodicals and books of the 19th and 20th centuries. Moreover, E.L.I.A. has recently initiated a new series of editions of both historical and artistic nature, in an attempt to highlight its aesthetic material.

We now offer one of our most important publications, available both in Greek and in English, at special price:

PLOTO: Greek shipowners from the late 18th century to the eve of the World War II
Written by Gelina Harlaftis, Manos Haritatos and Helen Beneki

English edition
463 pages
Price: 50.00 (Normally: 81.00) plus shipping expenses *

Greek history is bounded to the Sea. Marine industry has always been one of the main sectors of the country's national, economic, historical and cultural life. 165 Greek family firms that were active in the maritime industry within the period mentioned above are featured in the book together with 33 marine centres. 1200 illustrated photos and a large amount of archival material give the reader a vivid idea of the life of Greek maritime community, in Greece and abroad.

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postal adress: 5, Ag. Andreou str., Athens, P.C. 105 56, Greece
fax: (0030 210) 3213667
e-mail adress: info@elia.org.gr
shipping expenses: Europe: 16, USA & Australia: 30