Macedonian Association of the Nomos of Chania Launches Official Website

Athansios Kalpakis of the Macedonian Association of the Nomos Chania in Crete, "O Megas Alexandros," recently announced the launching of their official website for fellow Greek Macedonians of Chania and beyond at the URL Principal goals of this new site are to keep the global community informed of its activities, and to maintain and establish new ties with other Macedonians.

Members of the organization invite viewers to visit their site and to establish reciprocal links with the webpages of their respective organizations. The new website contains fine graphics, and a user-friendly interface. In addition to the attractive Home Page, bearing images relating to Greek Macedonian heritage, a number of left-margin buttons take viewers to other sections of the site: a welcome from the organization's president, a calendar of upcoming events, a brief section on the history of the organization, information about the organization's board, the activities of the group, the youth section, a photographic archive, audio music clips (this section alone makes the site worth visiting!), information about Chania and Crete, links, and a section for contacting the organization. President Stavros Tatsis indicates, with appreciation, that the new website, developed by one of their own board members, Athanasios Kalpakas, is hosted by the Pan-Macedonian Association, Inc. in New York.

Established in 1989, current board members include Stavros Tatsis (Kilkis), President; Sophocles Theodosopoulos, Vice-President (Thessaloniki); Demetrios Vagiotas, Gen. Secretary (Kozani); Maria Antoniou (Edessa), Deputy Secretary; Chrysa Atsalaki (Thessaloniki), Deputy Secretary; Sophia Kartsonaki (Kilkis), Co-Director of Press Relations; Noula Andreadi (Thessaloniki), Co-Director of Press Relations; Angeliki Tsiknopoulou (Drama), Events Co-Director; Dodra Karakoulaki (Kilkis), Events Co-Director; Athanasios Kalpakas (Kilkis), Youth Co-Director; Amalia Atsalaki (Thessaloniki), Youth Co-Director. The organization proudly boasts a membership of more than 300 Macedonians who meet for cultural and patriotic events, and an active youth group that meets regularly.

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