Greek Ambassador Alexandros Mallias Visits
University of New Hampshire and State Capitol

(HCS)—Ambassador and Mrs. Mallias traveled to northern New England on Tuesday, December 4, 2007, the first ever official visit to the Granite State by a senior ambassador of the Hellenic Republic. Accompanied by Consul General Constantinos Orphanides (Boston), the diplomatic entourage visited Durham and Concord. Their visit marked the final event in 2007 for the decennial anniversary celebration of the John C. Rouman Classical Lecture Series at the University of New Hampshire.

In Durham, Christos and Mary Papoutsy hosted a luncheon in honor of the couple at The Three Chimneys Inn, an historic and award-winning facility near the university community. Among invited guests were state officials, distinguished university administrators and faculty, and noted members of the New Hampshire Greek-American community.

Ambassador Mallias delivers address at the University of
New Hampshire
. Photo by George Barker.

After the luncheon reception, Ambassador Mallias traveled to the university campus for an afternoon program. President Mark Huddleston and Classics Professors Stephen Trzaskoma and John Rouman (Emeritus) offered brief introductory remarks to a full crowd of students, faculty, and members of the public in Huddleston balltoom. Ambassador Mallias, principal speaker, concluded the program with an address about the relevance of Classical studies and a summary of the current state of Greek and U.S. foreign relations. He graciously and masterfully answered a number of questions posed by the audience, impressing the group with his expertise and diplomatic skill.

The College of Liberal Arts, led by Dr. Marilyn Hoskin, Dean of the College, hosted a reception for Ambassador and Mrs. Mallias in the ballroom immediately afterward.

At 4:30pm, Governor John Lynch and other state officials received the diplomatic corp at the State House where they exchanged official greetings and gifts. Governor Lynch issued a formal proclamation and commendation for the ambassador's participation the tenth anniversary celebration of the John C. Rouman Classical Lecture Series at the university.

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch hosts
Ambassador Mallias at State Capitol. 
Photo by George Barker

Gallery of images from ambassadorial visit to New Hampshire
Photos by George Barker

Hosts Christos & Mary Papoutsy pose with luncheon
distinguished guests and honorees: (left to right) Consul
General Constantinos Orphanides, Papoutsy couple,
Mrs. Francoise-Anne Mallias, Ambassador Alexandros
Mallias, Dr. John C. Rouman

Dr. John C. Rouman (right center) poses with consulate
officials at luncheon held in honor of Ambassador & 
Mrs. Mallias at Three Chimneys Inn in Durham.

Ambassador & Mrs. Mallias pose with distinguished guests
at Three Chimneys Inn luncheon: (left to right) Professor
Emma Bricker, Mrs. Mary Papoutsy, UNH President Mark
 Huddlston, Mrs. Mallias, Ambassador Mallias, Consul
General Constantinos Orphanides, Dr. John C. Rouman
, Mrs. Carol Travayiakis, Dr. James Rouman, 
Professor Nina Gatzoulis

Ambassador Mallias (left) converses with guests Nicholas Kallan
(center left) and Dr. Sam Kouchalakos (right) and host Mr. Christos
Papoutsy (center right) at Three Chimneys Inn reception.

University of New Hampshire President Mark Huddleston
(center) and Dr.
 James Rouman (right) attend luncheon
hosted by Mary Papoutsy (left)
and her husband in honor
of Ambassador &
Mrs. Mallias.

Dr. John Rouman (right) discusses academic and cultural
issues with Consul General Constantinos Orphanides and
Mrs. Francoise-Anne Mallias

Greek Ambassador Alexandros Mallias addresses capacity
crowd in Huddleston Ballroom of the University of New

UNH faculty of the Classics Program present gifts to Ambassador
Mallias following his address: (left to right) Dr. Stephen Brunet,
Dr. R. Scott Smith, Ambassador Mallias.

Distinguished members of the Greek-American community
in New Hampshire congratulate Dr. John Rouman at the
university reception for Ambassador Mallias: (left to right)
Mr. Cosmos Marandos, Mr. Nicholas Kallan, Dr. Sam
Kouchalakos, Dr. Rouman.

Dr. John C. Rouman speaks about the history of
the eponymously named lecture series at UNH.

University of New Hampshire President Mark Huddleston introduces Greek Ambassador Alexandros Mallias in
the formal reception hall of the state university's
flagship campus in Durham.

Governor John Lynch shares a light-hearted moment with
Ambassador Mallias at the New Hampshire State House during
reception: (left to right) Governor Lynch, Mr. Cosmos Marandos,
Secretary of State William Gardner, Ambassador Mallias

Reception at NH State House hosted by Governor John
Lynch for Ambassador & Mrs. Mallias:
(left to right) Mr.
 Christos Papoutsy, Mrs. Francoise-Anne Mallias,
Mrs. Mary Papoutsy, Governor Lynch, Ambassador
Mallias, Consul General Orphanides

Reception at NH State House hosted by Governor John Lynch for
Ambassador & Mrs. Mallias: (left to right) Mr. Christos Papoutsy,
Dr. Sam Kouchalakos, AHEPA District 9 Lodge Officer Cosmos
Marandos, AHEPA District 9 Lodge Officer Nicholas Kallan,
Governor Lynch, Ambassador Mallias, Consul General Orphanides

NH Governor John Lynch reads formal commendation
for Ambassador Mallias (center), with Dr. John Rouman
listening attentively (right).

Guests at NH State House reception for Ambassador Mallias:
(back, left to right): Secretary
of State William Gardner; Dr.
Richard Desrosiers; Ambassador Mallias: Mr. Cosmos Marandos;
 Dr. William Naumes; Dr. Samuel Kouchalakos; (front, left to right)
Labor Commissioner George Copadis; Dr. James Rouman; Mrs.
 Mary Papoutsy; Dr. John C. Rouman; Mrs. Francoise-Anne Mallias;
 Mr. Christos Papoutsy; Consul General Constantinos Orphanides;
Mr. Bill Gatzoulis; Mr. Nicholas Kallan

New Hampshire Governor Lynch congratulates Ambassador
Mallias after reading formal commendation

(Posting date 13 January 2008)

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