What is MAZOXI 2005 - A Post Olympic Celebration?
For more than forty years KETY KAREKLA and ANDREAS FRAGIADAKIS have actively participated in Greek folklore programs-performing, touring and continuously researching folk music, song, dance, costumes, arts and crafts. They established the Greek Folk Dance and Song Society and its Folk Dance Ensemble-The PARTHENON DANCERS. They have disseminated these treasured folk traditions not only in Greece, but also to patrons and friends all over the world.

They began with an experimental program of presenting folklore seminars and costume workshops that were enthusiastically received in Greece. Within the last twelve years, a unique folklore seminar conference known as MAZOXI (gathering) was established in the remote mountain village of Roustika-the ancestral home of Andreas-on the island of Crete. This gathering of kindred spirits yearning to deepen their experience and appreciation of the folklore customs of music and dance are shared in a remote Greek village atmosphere.

At MAZOXI, we engage professional master instructors and outstanding leaders honored and esteemed by their peers as exemplary keepers of the folk traditions in their regions or islands. They come with a small entourage to assist in song, music or dance or to act as interpreters. Folk expressions and cultural traditions steeped in hundreds of years of history are still thriving in their region but time and progress has taught us that there are very few such legendary folk experts remaining in the countryside and we have chosen to celebrate with them through the MAZOXI seminar.

Regarding the Hosts:

KETY KAREKLA FRAGIADAKI-born on the island of Serifos, part of Cycladic group in the Aegean-has been a dancer, director, researcher, costume collector, and supervisor for the Dora Stratou Folk Ensemble. After several decades as lead dancer with this Folk ensemble, Kety and her husband Andreas formed their own troupe, the Parthenon Dancers, which has toured throughout Europe and the Near East and was hailed by the New York Times as one of the most exciting and outstanding folk ensembles to tour the US. In association with Athan Karras, they have had made five tours in the United States and Canada and were specially invited to participate in the World Exposition at Disney World, Orlando Florida and were among the celebrated guests at the gala exposition event of Greece hosted by Nieman Marcus at the Dallas Opera in Texas.

For more than three decades, Kety and Andreas have performed at the most important cultural centers in Greece and are sought after to participate in dance conferences internationally as well as put on costume and folklore exhibits from their extensive collection. Currently, they are reconstructing with authentic stitching and embroidery the regional costumes of every province and island of Greece. They also supply costumes to dance ensembles in Greece and abroad to places such as Holland, Belgium, France, England, Japan, Australia, the United States, and Canada.

ANDREAS FRAGIADAKIS has danced with the Dora Stratou Folk Ensemble, the Lykeion Ellinidon, and the Parthenon Dancers. His devotion to and constant involvement with the folklore of Greece has led him to found a Folklore Museum and Cultural Center in his hometown Roustika in honor of his proud ancestry and to provide a legacy for his village, which nurtured his lifetime career in the folk arts.

By having the MAZOXI Folk Dance Conference at Roustika, Andreas can share with his people and others the beautiful traditions that he learned to love and appreciate. Kety and Andreas' philosophy is to blend the old world with the new by bringing together leading experts and folklorists-talented individuals who excel in the folklore of their province or island-in a seminar format so that participants may experience first hand the unique style and individuality still existing in the rich Greek folklore. Kety and Andreas are congenial and lavish hosts who love their heritage and love sharing it.

Here is what some have said after attending MAZOXI:

"What an interesting idea to experience the music and dances in their own village setting!"

"I couldn't believe that all this can be offered at such a price"

"I'm so excited I'm telling all my dance friends!"

"We couldn't wait to rise every morning and quickly start dancing. And then those evening parties with all those young people playing music, singing and dancing, it was like a dream come true!"

Like to learn more about the MAZOXI experience? For story and photos visit http://www.greece.org/FDF/fdf98skol.html MAZOXI 1998, By Joanne Hadjidamianou

For more and details as to travel, arrival and information regarding the Conference contact:

In the USA:
19300 Palomar Place, Tarzana, California 91356-4409 USA
Tel/FAX: (818) 609-1386
E-mail: mazoxi@prodigy.net or xasapiko@prodigy.net

In Athens, Greece:
81A Egialias Street, Byron 162 33 Athens
Tel: (011-30-1) 7661-949 or Fax: (011-30-1) 38 43 953 E-mail: fragiad@yahoo.com

It would be deeply appreciated if you would pass this information on to others. Thank you for your kind consideration in helping us keep Greek folklore and dance alive and well.

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