Joanna Michalakelli

Ms. Michalakelli is an English instructor in Greece, a graduate of the University of Athens who has completed her Masters Degree, and a native of Lesvos.

She has translated a number of seminal articles for HCS about Greek history, particularly local history on Lesvos. See her translation of

Christos Stavrakoglou Addresses Inaugural Crowd at St. Nicholas-Papoutsy Park in Lesvos (speech by Christos An. Stavrakoglou)
The Great Frost (or Kais) of 1850 (authored by Ioannis Manoukas)
A Local Law of Old Achyrona (Kalloni) (penned by Christos Stavrakoglou)
Popular Festivals of the Past in Lesvos: The "Fton" of Vatoussa (written by Evangelos Gdontelis)
A Trip to Faraway Pontus: Pilgrimage to Panagia Soumela Monastery (penned by Christos Stavrakoglou)
The Uprooting of Hellenism in Asia Minor, Part Two (written by Evangelos Gdontelis)
Ships of Mercy Reviewed: A Must-Read for Everyone (review by Sophia Nibi)
She has also contributed original articles about foreign-language pedagogy: 

Adult Education and Lifelong Learning
Asynchronous Communication Tools as a Stimulus for Writing in a Collaborative Learning Ambience
How Can We Teach Writing Effectively (for Greek ESL Students)?
Using Computers in ESL Teaching: Some Suggestions

Ms. Michalakelli has also translated into Greek several press releases for recently published books: Ethics, CSR, and Sustainability and Ships of Mercy: The True Story About the Rescue of Greek Refugees at Smyrna, September 1922 .

(Updated April 5, 2009)

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