Monumental Stupidity

Socialists always try to hide their inefficiency and stupidity with monuments. They spend money they do not have, to show off their vanity. A recent example is the Olympic Games in Greece. Greece, a small country of only ten million people and a huge national debt of 210 billion euros, spent 10 billion euros for the recent Olympic Games in Athens. Now Greeks have a new headache on how to maintain those Olympic facilities. The landscape of Athens reminds you of the lunar landscape, with huge archaeological craters around ancient stones. Modern Athenians are destined to carry the wrecks of vanity of their ancestors forever. Recently, they formed a new crater around some ugly ancient stones they discovered outside of Zapeion conference center, near the parliament building. It's near the office of the Libertarian politician of B' Athens, Basil Venitis, who confesses his resentment of these awful ugly stones and the ugle crater he has to face every day. Venitis cannot u! nderstand the stupidity of Greek socialists who waste the hard-earned money of poor Greeks in creating craters around ugly stones! Soviets used to build expensive monuments for Lenin and Stalin, and see what happened to the Soviet Union. Now the dictator of communist North Korea spends huge amount of money for monuments of his daddy. North Koreans are starving to death next to the magnificent monuments of his daddy. Every time you see a big monument, you have to ask yourself who is trying to hide some sort of inefficiency and vanity. Even the best monument of all, Parthenon on Acropolis, tried to hide the drawbacks of Pericles and the Athenian democracy who collapsed due to overtaxation and socialistic tendencies. For more information look at