107 National Land Registry Offices to Open Soon: Government Directive to Property Owners to Register

by Anna Haughton, Gianna Zafeiropoulou, and Evridiki Lerou, Attorneys at Law

Greece has never had a central computerized system for the inventory and tracking of property. However, during the last decade, Greece has been working towards the creation of the National Land Registry (ETHNIKO KTIMATOLOGIO) in an effort to create a functional system to record property and its ownership. This system will hopefully bring Greece’s title offices into the 21st Century.

The National Land Registry requirements are more stringent and detailed than the ones previously used by the Mortgage Offices. For a property owner to be recognized, they have to produce a series of current certificates, titles, e.g., which will be required to support their claim of ownership.

On March 2007, the Ministry of Land Planning and Public Construction issued a new directive (9.400 of 1/28.3.2007) declaring 107 additional Municipalities that are to be surveyed and incorporated into the National Land Registry System. The Municipalities which are coming up for the required registrations are listed below.

When this directive becomes effective, (which may happen in as little as two months), each of the Municipalities listed below will begin opening area based National Land Registry Offices. There will be different opening dates for each office. When filing, property owners will be directed to submit their application along with the necessary documents: official copies of deeds, recent certificates of ownership from the Mortgage Offices, e.g. Once these documents are submitted the Land Registry offices will research the documents produced by the owner and compare them with existing documents/maps and topographical data to validate the property owner’s claim. Once this is done the property owner’s documents will be listed (or rejected) by the Land Registry.

The National Land Registry system will be particularly beneficial for property owners living abroad since it will help protect their property ownership. This system makes challenging a land claim much more difficult.

Property owners should take the time to make sure that their “titles” are in order, so as to be prepared for when the Land Registry registration process begins. If they have acquired property through inheritance, which they have never legally claimed, (such as accepting their inheritance) or if they do not know the status of their property they need to follow up on these issues now to make sure they hold all the necessary paperwork.

Failure to register the necessary documents at the National Land Registry will result in the land being registered as “of an unknown owner.” The Greek Government could within its rights, claim ownership if no other owner, with the correct paperwork and worthwhile claim, claims the land and all means of appeal have expired.

What you can do to prepare: a. look through the areas listed below to see if your property is located in one of the areas and; b. look through your archives to see if you have your paperwork in order.

Within the next six to eight months, if your property is located in a Municipality listed below, you will need to register your property at the Land Registry. If you take the time now to organize your documents and to follow through on any unresolved legal issues pertaining to your property, you will be ready for when these offices open. Preparation at this initial stage of the Land Registry registration process could save you from unnecessary headaches later on.


1. Athens
2. Agia Varvara
3. Aigaleo
4. Peiraeus
5. Peristeri
6. Galatsi
7. Heraklion
8. Lykovrisi
9. Metamorphosi
10. Nea Ionia
11. Nea Filadelfia
12. Nea Chalkidona
13. Papagou
14. Pefki
15. Psihiko
16. Agioi Anargiroi
17. Ano Liosia
18. Aspropyrgos
19. Acharnes
20. Zefiri
21. Thrakomakedones
22. Ilion
23. Kamatero
24. Kryoneri
25. Mandra
26. Petroupoli
27. Phyli
28. Chaidari
29. Agios Stefanos
30. Anthousa
31. Anoixi
32. Dionysos
33. Drosia
34. Ekali
35. Kifisia
36. Marathonas
37. Nea Erythraia
38. Nea makri
39. Nea penteli
40. Pallini
41. Penteli
42. Pikermi
43. Rafina
44. Balas
45. Stamata
46. Alimos
47. Argyroupoli
48. Glyfada
49. Dafni
50. Elliniko
51. Ilioupoli
52. Moshato
53. Tavros
54. Immitos
55. Palaio Faliro
56. Agios Konstantinos
57. Anavissos
58. Vari
59. Voula
60. Vouliagmeni
61. Kalivia
62. Keratea
63. Kouvaras
64. Kropia
65. Lavreotiki
66. Markopoulo
67. Palaia Fokaia
68. Saronida and
69. Kalithea


70. Salonica
71. Agios Pavlos
72. Ampelokipi.
73. Elefterio Kordelio
74. Efkarpia
75. Evosmos
76. Local area of Ionia, now called local areas of Nea Magnesia and Diavata of the Municipality of Echedoros
77. Menemeni
78. Neapoli
79. Pefkoi
80. Polixni
81. Stavroupoli
82. Sykees
83. Triandria
84. Oraiokastro


(In these other areas of Greece, only local areas from the Municipalities are being enlisted. So, you need to be careful in determining if your property is located in these areas)

85. Local area of Nafplieis of the Municipality of Nafplion, County of Argolida
86. Local area of Tripoli of the Municipality of Tripoli, County of Arcadia
87. Local area of Levadieis of the Municipality of Levadia, County of Viotia
88. Local area of Drama of the Municipality of Drama, County of Drama
89. Local area of Alexandroupoli of the Municipality of Alexandroupoli, County of Evros
90. Local area of Zakyntioi of the Municipality of Zakynthos County of Zakynthos
91. Local area of Pyrgos of the Municipality of Pyrgos, County of Ilia
92. Local area of Igoumenitsa of the Municipality of Igoumenitsa, County of Thesprotia
93. Local area of Karditsa of the Municipality of Karditsa, County of Karditsa
94. Local area of Kilkis of the Municipality of Kilkis, County of Kilkis
95. Local area of Kozani of the Municipality of Kozani, County of Kozani
96. Local area of Korinth of the Municipality of Korinthians, County of Korinthia
97. Local area of Spartiates of the Municipality of Sparta, County of Lakonia
98. Local area of Larisa of the Municipality of Larisa, County of Larisa
99. Municipality of Volos, County of Magnesia
100. Local area of Xanthi of the Municipality of Xanthi, County of Xanthi
101. Local area of Edesa of the Municipality of Edesa, County of Pella
102. Local area of Katerini of the Municipality of Katerini, County of Pieria
103. Local area of Preveza of the Municipality of Preveza County of Preveza
104. Local area of Samioi of the Municipality of Vathy, County of Samos
105. Local area of Lamieoi of the Municipality of Lamieoi, County of Fthiotida
106. Local area of Florina of the Municipality of Florina, County of Florina
107. Local area of Polygyro of the Municipality of Polygyro, County of Chalkidiki


Anna Haughton, J.D. – Member of the Massachusetts Bar
Gianna Zafeiropoulou- Member of the Athens Bar
Evridiki Lerou – Member of the Athens Bar

Contact information: ahaughton@greeklandlaw.com, annahaught@aol.com, www.greeklandlaw.com

(Posting date 18 April 2008)

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