Bulgaria, Greece at Odds Over Mythical Orpheus

Bulgarian and Greek tour operators have come at odds over advertising campaigns using the name of the mythical Orpheus, MPA reports.

Greek operators from the Evros region are working on an advert with the slogan “Come to the land of the mythical Orpheus,” but at the same time their Bulgarian colleagues voiced their disagreement with that campaign, as “it would be a twist of History.”

We are against that slogan, as it would deprive Bulgaria from its history and one of its greatest treasures, Donka Sokolova, chairperson of the Bulgarian Association of Travel Agencies (BATA) said. Sokolova also pointed out that there are several Bulgarian tour agencies using the same slogan in their brochures as well.

Experts say that Greece’s advertising campaign will rob Bulgaria of its chances to present Orpheus, Dionysus and Spartak as part of its rich history to the foreign tourists. In the words of Lyubomir Popyordanov, chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism Sofia should alarm the Greek authorities over that problem.

The mythical Orpheus is believed to have lived in the Rodophes mountain. Orpheus grave was unearthed in Bulgaria in the summer of 2004, but still, there is controversial information whether he lived in the Bulgarian or the Greek part of the mountain chain.

The MPA agency reported that the “Come to the land of the mythical Orpheus” campaign will be first launched at a special tourism conference in Moscow.

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