Promoting the "Living Philosophy" of Hellenism:
Hellenic Society Paideia of South Florida

The Hellenic Society Paideia assists in the preservation and promotion of the Hellenic Heritagem history, language, culture and art.
The Hellenic Society Paideia is a non-profit organization having numerous chapters in the United States, Greece and Brazil. It was formed in 1977 in Storrs, Connecticut by a group of Philhellenes whose purpose was to make available to the present, as well as secure for the future, the historic role of the Hellenic tradition and language.
In 1990, the university provided a parcel of land for the construction of a 20,000 square foot Byzantine-style educational center, called "Macedonia," and a Greek Orthodox Chapel, "The Three Hierarchs."  An open-air theater is presently in the pre-construction phase. The goals and objectives of "Paideia" are to assist in the preservation and promotion of the Hellenic heritage, history, language, culture, and art. Also, to promote the furtherance of the principles and ideals of Hellenism as a living philosophy, to encourage the study of the classic arts in local public schools, high schools, colleges and universities and to establish an awareness of the special relationship between the principles of Hellenism and the basic tenets of Western democracy.

On February 17th, 1996 the South Florida Chapter of "Paideia" was established.  Our

Direct from BostonThe Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Society Orchestra in a special concert to benefit the Paideia programs at Florida Atlantic University. More details

chapter, here in South Florida, has worked diligently to try to follow our National Society's fine examples. We have sponsored many lectures and cultural events. In the fall of 1998, a Classical Arts Certificate program was established at our local state university, Florida Atlantic, and modern and ancient Greek language was added to the curriculum. Because of continued love and support, "Paideia" today enjoys a high level of respect, with the future looking even brighter. For its noble mission, outstanding contributions, and continued successes, "Paideia" has gained national and international recognition. But with success comes responsibility. "Paideia" is called today to play a critical role in informing and educating people about the Hellenic culture and civilization. There is truly an awakening and appreciation for everything related to the contributions of the Hellenic civilization throughout its long and glorious history. Hellenes, in Greece and throughout the world, are progressing in all aspects of life. This gives us hope that Hellenic thought, language, literature, the arts and culture will again take central stage in the modern world.

We are now in the process of establishing a physical presence of Hellenism at Florida Atlantic University. A prime parcel of land, at the main complex of the university, was allocated to us in order to build a 14,000 square foot complex, the Hellenic Society Paideia

Conceptually we view the Aristotle Center as a bridge. The cultural and historical symbolism of the center represents a bridge from the past as it recalls the legacy of our forefathers. In that context, it is a symbol of hope -- a bridge across time and cultures -- and an introduction to a world in which knowledge is true power.

"Aristotle Center," and an outdoor classical theater. The center will not only give identity to the Classical Studies Program, but will alsoprovide classroom space for courses taught in the department, office space, conference space, a library, a museum, and an exhibition area, as well as a  Greek Orthodox chapel, the Transfiguration, that will represent the Byzantine era of Hellenism.

On April 8th, 2000, His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America led the celebration of an Agiasmos service on the designated grounds of Florida Atlantic University. Everyone present showed his or her generosity on this occasion. But our efforts do not end here. We need to raise over $2,500,000.00 for the completion of the Center.  Monetary contributions will be recognized in a permanent memorial. There will also be naming opportunities of $5,000 and above. Any monetary contribution is tax deductible, as we are a 501(c) 3 educational organization. We know that an ardurous task awaits us. As Hellenes and Philhellenes, we should always realize that whatever we set out to accomplish, we do so in the image of our forefathers. As such, we have a great responsibility to continue running the race of life according to the wisdom and ethical standards that they bequeathed to us. Only by boldly accepting this challenge, we will be able to fulfill the historical legacy that was entrusted to us.