Pan-Macedonian Association USA Holds
59th Annual National Convention in Kavala

Press Release

July 31st marked the end of the 59th National Convention of the Pan-Macedonian Association USA, as well as the 9th International Convention of the Pan-Macedonian Associations. The event took place in the historical city of Kavala. In their statements the newly elected Supreme President, Panos D. Spiliakos, Supreme Vice-president Nina Gatzoulis and Supreme Secretary Theodoros Toskos stressed that "the 59th Convention was extremely successful and exceeded our expectations".

An important achievement was the fundamental objective of briefing the Prefects of Macedonia as well as the Grand-Prefect of Drama-Kavala-Xanthi and other representatives of the Greek state. This was accomplished by the Vice President, Nina Gatzoulis, who presented a study of the continued relentless, multifaceted, systematic, opulently financed propaganda of the FYROM in its attempts to falsify and usurp the Hellenic Macedonian history and culture; actions which clearly violate the UN Interim Accord between Greece and FYROM. The members of the Pan-Macedonian Association believe these violations constitute reason to exercise VETO in the plans of The FYROM integration in the European Union and the NATO.

Photos by Bill Gatzoulis, unless noted otherwise.

Panelists: (from left) Dr. Achilles Lazarou; the former Minister of Macedonia and Thrace,
Nikolaos Martis; His Eminence Archbishop of America Demetrios;
General Dr. Parmenion Papathanasiou, Ret.; Dr. Konstantinos Fotiadis

An academic round table discussion took also place with the Retired General Dr. Parmenion Papathanasiou as moderator and His Eminence Archbishop of America Demetrios, the former Minister of Macedonia and Thrace Nikolaos Martis, Dr. Achilles Lazarou, and Dr. Konstantinos Fotiadis as participants. The main theme of the panel was the multifaceted aspects of the Skopjan problem.

Vice President Nina Gatzoulis (far left) presents a study of the continued relentless,
multifaceted, systematic, opulently financed propaganda of the FYROM. Photo by Tolios Photography.

With precept of His Eminence,Archbishop Demetrios and Metropolitan of Philippi, Neapolis and Thasos, Procopios, the members of the Association participated in an inspired walk, following in the steps of St. Paul, the ancient site Philippi and also the sacred site where the first European Christian Saint Lydja was baptized by Apostle Paul.

During the business meetings, the Convention delegates approved resolutions and proclamations which were also adopted and approved by the representatives of the International Pan-Macedonian chapters. Amendments of the Constitution that allows wider participation of members in the superior ranks of the Association were adopted and elections of the Pan-
Macedonian Association of USA and the International Alexandreion Foundation took place.

His Eminence Archbishop of America Demetrios
addresses the convention.

Analytically the new Executive Committee of the Pan-Macedonian Association of USA is as follows:

Supreme President: Panos Spiliakos

Supreme Vice-President: Nina Gatzoulis

Supreme Secretary: Theodore Toskos

Supreme Vice-President of Youth: Anastasia Kaseris

Supreme Treasurer: Konstantinos Hatzistefanidis

Supreme Legal Advisors: Demitrios Ioannidis and Theodore Vassilakis

The new USA Board of Directors of the International Alexandreion Foundation consists of the following members:

Εx officio: Panos Spiliakos

Honorary President: Panayis Mitoulis

President: Fotis Gerasopoulos

First Vice-President: Napoleon Damianidis

Second Vice-President: Vassilios Gatzoulis

General Secretary: Andreas Bouikidis

Assisting Secretary: Athanasios Voulgaropoulos

Treasurer: Demetrios Tassopoulos

Board Members: Sotirios Proios, Marina Velios, Nina Peropoulos, Dr. Antonios Papadopoulos, Dr. Serafim Papagiannis, Marina Moustakas


The Pan-Macedonian Association of the USA in a duly convened meeting at its 59th National Convention held on July 26 to July 31, 2005 in the city of Kavala, the ancient city of Neapolis, Macedonia nearby the ancient city of Filippi, where St. Paul, the Apostle of Nations stepped and preached the message of Christianity for the first time in Europe and taking into consideration the most recent developments in the country of The FYROM, decided the following:

1. The Pan-Macedonian Association requests from the Greek Government, the Political Leadership of Greece, the United States Government, and the rest of the International Community that the final agreed upon name of the country of The FYROM clearly differentiates the residents of that country from us, the Macedonians.

2. The name Macedonia is undoubtedly a Historical and Cultural Heritage of Greece. The history of Macedonia and particularly its name IS NOT NEGOTIABLE and as a paternal legacy cannot be given to third parties.

3. We expect that the name of the country of The FYROM shall express its multiethnic nature and shall permit all its inhabitants to co-exist peacefully.

4. We shall not accept, for the country of The FYROM, any name that will include the term Macedonia or any of its derivatives.

5. We demand that the people of Hellenic origin residing in The FYROM and Albania enjoy the freedom to fully express themselves in issues of language, religion, education and ethnic and cultural identity.

6. Historically the Macedonians are Hellenes.

7. Our Macedonian conscience and identity is not a matter of foreign policy under any stretch of its definition.

8. It is our Sacred Duty to continue our struggle for the rights of Macedonia. History demands it.


The Pan-Macedonian Association of the USA in a duly convened meeting at its 59th Annual Convention on July 26-31, 2005, in Kavala (Ancient Neapolis), Macedonia, Greece, declares the following:

1. We strongly oppose the recognition of The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia (The FYROM) as the Republic of Macedonia by the government of the United States of America.

2. We condemn the continued irredentist propaganda emanating from The FYROM and the falsification of the Hellenic heritage of Macedonia

3. We fully support the existence of a country north of Greece with the interim name of The FYROM. We support her efforts to join the EU and NATO, provided her official name does not include the term "Macedonia" or its derivatives. Further, we harbor no animosity or any ill feelings towards her citizens or her Diaspora.

4. We shall never accept an Orthodox Church with the term "Macedonia" or its derivatives in its name.

5. We disagree with the official use of any legal document with the name of “Republic of Macedonia” within the Hellenic Republic.

6. We condemn terrorism in all of its forms and fully support America’s fighting men and women serving in harm’s way abroad and pray for their safe return home.

7. The rules and laws governing all European Union member countries should also apply to the Republic of Cyprus to its entirety.

8. We regard the continued discriminatory acts, rules, and policy of Turkey towards the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, as a violation of freedom of religion that is inconsistent with the country's aspirations to become a candidate for the European Union. The reopening of the Theological School of Halki and the restoration of the property rights of Hellenes in Constantinople must be restituted.

9. We demand the recognition by the Turkish government of the genocide of the Pontian and other Hellenes of Asia.

10. As Orthodox Christians we support the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Orchid and we strongly condemn the imprisonment of its leader Bishop Jovan by the government of The FYROM.

11. We demand the return of the Holy Relics that were stolen from the monasteries of Drama and Serres and we support the efforts of the Greek government and Church for their return.

12. We demand the return of the Parthenon Marbles to the place of their origin.

13. The Kalash of the northern Himalayan region of the Hindu Kush Mountains of Pakistan are Hellenic descendants of the armies of Alexander the Great. The Kalash tribe has sustained its ancient culture and traditions since the 4th century B.C., yet they are in danger of extinction. Being our Hellenic Macedonian brothers and sisters, we support their efforts to sustain their ethnic values and identity.

14. We support the Kalash proposal of “Bring the Glory Back” which is, to apply the rule of Law of Alexander the Great, as the guideline for the security counsel of the United Nations”.

Newly elected officers: (from left) Supreme Secretary
Theodore Toskos, Supreme President
Panos Spiliakos, immediate Past Supreme President
Sotirios Proios, and Supreme Vice-President Nina Gatzoulis

Minister of Macedonia and Thrace Nicholas Tsiartsonis and
the former Minister of Macedonia and Thrace Nikolaos Martis

USA Vice President of the PanMacedonian Association, Nina Gatzoulis

The Pan-Macedonian Association was founded in 1947 with the goal of uniting all the Macedonian societies of the United States. It is a nationwide membership organization for Greek Americans whose origins are from Macedonia, Greece. The organization promotes the culture, language, history and traditions of Macedonia and Promotes charitable projects and works to benefit the region and its people. It strives to educate its members and the general public on various issues pertaining to Macedonia, especially the Hellenic origin and nature of the name Macedonia and to counter falsifications and distortions of history with respect to Macedonia. For more information about the Pan-Macedonian Association of America, established in 1947 and active nationwide in the Greek-American community, visit the organization's website at

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