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Boston, MA--National and local leaders of the Pan-Macedonian Association, Inc. (USA) headed by Supreme President Panos D. Spiliakos, Supreme Vice-President Nina Gatzoulis and New England Governor George Tsitsopoulos hosted a traditional welcome dinner in honor of the newly arrived Consul General of Greece, the Honorable Konstantinos Orphanides.

In a warm, relaxed and congenial setting the Macedonian leaders informed the Consul General of the Pan-Macedonian Association’s endeavors in support of all Hellenic National Issues and a multiple of other issues of keen interest to the Hellenic-American Omogenia, and invited Mr. Orphanides to the 60th National Convention that will be held June 28–July 2 in Las Vegas, NV.

In addition the Macedonians briefed Mr. Orphanides about the up-coming two day Conference on May 9-10, 2006, scheduled to take place on Capitοl Hill, Washington DC. Sponsored jointly by the Pan-Macedonian Association, HANC and AHI it is designed to inform US Congressional and Executive Branch leaderships about the Omogenia’s views on the US policy regarding peace and stability in the Balkans, and the name dispute between Greece and FYROM concerning the latter’s official and permanent name.

There was an in-depth discussion of the ongoing rewriting and falsifying of history by various FYROM affiliated Internet web sites. Also, a great deal of time was devoted to the need for effective programs in transmitting the language and the history of the unique Hellenic inheritance to our children.

Present at the dinner held at the Newton Marriott Hotel on March 1, 2006, also were: Past Supreme Presidents Dr. Seraphim Papajiannis, MD, and Athanasios Vulgaropulos, Past Supreme Secretary George Gatzoulis, Past New England District Secretary Olga Gatzoulis, Chairman of the Internet Committee Bill Gatzoulis and New England District Treasurer Paul Fitopoulos. Invited but unable to attend were: B! Vice-President for Youth Anastasia Kasseris, Past Supreme President George Papadopoulos and New England District Secretary Crystal Iakovos,

Seated, L to R: Supreme Vice-President Nina Gatzoulis, Consul General Konstantinos Orphanides, Supreme President Panos D. Spiliakos, Governor New England District George Tsitsopoulos. Standing, L to R: Chairman Internet Committee Bill Gatzoulis, Past Supreme President Athanasios Vulgaropulos, Past Supreme Secretary George Gatzoulis, Past Secretary New England District Olga Gatzoulis, Past Supreme President Dr. Seraphim Papayiannis, MD, Treasurer New England District Paul Fitopoulos. Absent due to conflict were: B! Vice-president Anastasia Kasseris, Past Supreme President George Papadopoulos and New England District Secretary Crystal Iakovos.

(Posting date 11 March 2006)

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