Pan-Macedonian Association Responds
to Milososki's Remarks

(9 May 2007)--It is not surprising that the Honorable Foreign Minister Milososki of FYROM, being a non-Greek, is only vaguely familiar with Greek mythology and Sisyphus in particular. We encourage him to open any dictionary before he attempts his next mythology lecture to the Greek American community.

Be that as it may, the Random House dictionary under the entry "Sisyphus" states: “A son of Aeolos and ruler of Corinth, noted for his trickery; he was punished in Tartarus by being compelled to roll a stone to the top of a slope, the stone always escaping him near the top and rolling down again.”

It is very appropriate that Mr. Milososki and his countrymen realize that trickery does not pay and that they are condemned by the goddess TRUTH to perpetually fail in their attempts to convince the world that they are “Macedonians.” In short, Sisyphus’ act was not an example of irrational behavior, as Mr. Milososki claims, but the price he had to pay for indulging in trickery, an act, no doubt, very familiar to Mr. Milososki and his fellow FYROMians.

Panos D. Spiliakos
Supreme President
Pan-Macedonian Association, Inc. USA
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Milososki's Remarks

(Posting date 15 May 2007

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