On Friday February 11, 2005, a delegation of the Pan-Macedonian Association Inc., led by Supreme President Sotirios Proios, Supreme Vice-President Nina Gatzoulis and Supreme Secretary Panos D. Spiliakos met in New York in successive order with Greek Ambassador to the United Nations Adamantios Vassilakis and Archbishop Demetrios. Present also were Past Supreme President Athanasios Vulgaropulos, NY Governor Mike Barbalios, Chairman of the Internet Committee Bill Gatzoulis and Theodoros Atoskos.

In the discussions with Ambassador Vassilakis, the delegation expressed its support for the on-going talks between Greece and FYROM for the peaceful resolution of the dispute over a mutually accepted name for FYROM. It also reiterated its unbending conviction that the name must be one that distinguishes the newly formed country and the people of FYROM from the true and only Macedonians that have been a part of the Hellenic nation for millennia. Revision of history is counterproductive to world peace. The European Union respects and honors the history and cultural heritage of its member states. Thus, it must not tolerate nor accept attempts of "cultural terrorism" and stolen identities that are not conducive to peace, by anyone, including prospective new members who want to join the Union.

In the meeting with Archbishop Demetrios the Macedonian leaders informed His Eminence about the consultations with Ambassador Vassilakis and reviewed recent and future actions of the Association to preserve Macedonian heritage and promote a foundation of peace in the Balkans based on the democratic principles of truth, justice and mutual respect among all the nations in the area. Plans were put in motion to deliver to the State Department tens of thousands of recently collected signatures of Hellene and Phil-Hellene Americans protesting the ill-advised reversal of policy (by recognizing Skopje as "Republic of Macedonia") that was in effect since 1944 when Secretary Stettinius declared that the attempt by then communist Yugoslavian Skopje to usurp the Macedonian identity from its rightful owner Greece was "unjustified demagoguery (and) a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against Greece."