Pan-Macedonian Association Announces New Board, Successful Academic Conference

A strong message was delivered by the Pan-Macedonian Association USA, in the city of Baltimore, MD where the 61st National Convention was carried from June 26 until July 1, 2007.

Prior to the opening of the Convention, which was blessed by His Eminence, Metropolitan Evangelos of New Jersey, an academic conference took place in the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC titled, A Search for a Roadmap to Peace in the Balkans. Non-Greek and Greek academicians and experts sent everywhere a strong message that the successors of Alexander the Great established the Hellenistic period and were indubitable Greek. The hoe of the archaeologists in all parts of the Hellenistic East was excavating nothing other than monuments and coins with Greek forms, insignias, and inscriptions, similar to those that were discovered in the territories of Greek city-states of that time.

Dr. Potitsa Grigorakou from the Open University of Athens was the Coordinator of the morning panel. Archaeologist Professor Pierre Leriche from Centre d' Archeologie pour l' Orient of Paris via a power point presentation informed the audience about the monuments and the architecture of the Hindo-Hellenistic East, while Dr. Osmund Bopearachhci, from Centre D' Archeologie, E.N.S. Paris presented an abundance of currencies of the Hellenistic era on which the Greek language is engraved and leading figures with Greek names are depicted on them.

The afternoon panel was coordinated by Mr. Gene Rossides, Chairman of the American Hellenic Institute (AHI) and the experts Ted Galen Carpenter, Vice-president of Defense and Foreign Policy Studies, CATO Institute, Washington, DC and Gregory R. Copley, Vice-president of International Strategic Studies Association, Alexandria, VA, presented a geopolitical analysis of the southeastern Balkans. Dr. George Papavizas with his presentation of A Country with a Borrowed Identity made a detailed analysis of historical facts that were instrumental into the further development of the FYROM issue. The presenters emphasized that the proper and just resolution of the FYROM issue, based on historical truth is critical for peace in the Balkans and beneficial to the interests of the United States. The Coordinator of SAE, Mr. Theodore Spyropoulos, with his wife Errica, was present during the academic presentations, while Congresswoman Ileana Ros Lehtinen was the main speaker of the lunch which followed. Of Greek descent, Congressman Zachary Space also gave a warm greeting in support of the efforts of the Macedonians.

Mr. Markus Templar, historian and Balkan-analyst, on Friday, June 29, 2007, following the Convention’s business, via a power point presentation, proposed the kinship of Macedonian words with words that exist in the dictionary of Hesychius who lived in the 5th century AD. Mr. Templar’s extensive research gives further evidence that even linguistically the Macedonians were Greek. Dr. Dimitrios Pantermalis, also on Friday evening, June 29, via the new technology gave a thorough examination of work which he himself has undertaken, of the new Acropolis Museum in Athens. The museum, as explained Dr. Pantermalis, will be ready to open its doors at an early date.

Congratulatory messages for the 61st Pan-Macedonian Convention were received from the Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos, His Eminence Archbishop Dimitrios, the President of Democracy Mr. Karolos Papoulias, the Prime Minister, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis, from Foreign Minister, Mrs. Dora Bakoyianni, from the Chairman of Parliament, Mrs. Anna Benaki, from the Minister of Macedonia-Thrace, Mr. George Kalantzis, from Lieutenant Foreign Minister Mr. Theodoros Kassimis. Also Mr. Haitidis, Chairman of Inter-parties Committee of Greeks Abroad and Chairman of Alexandreion Institution in Litochoro, Pieria, founded by the Pan-Macedonian Association, sent a message with warm greetings for a successful convention. The General Secretary of SAE, Dr Olga Sarantopoulos, also sent warm greetings. With letters, Mr. Theodore Spyropoulos, Coordinator of SAE in America and Mr. Emmanuel Velivasakis, Chairman of Hellenic American National Council (HANC), offered their support to the efforts of the Macedonians.

His Excellency Ambassador of Greece in Washington, Mr. Alexandros Mallias, observed with great assiduity the proposals of the academicians, but was also the main speaker of the official dinner on Saturday, June 30, 2007. During his speech he presented the leading presence of Greece in the Balkans. Present at the banquet were Congressman John Sarbanes and Michael Sarbanes (candidate Chairman of the Municipal Council of Baltimore). The Pan-Macedonian Association honored Dr. Ioannis Nathenas and Mr. Christos Tomaras during the dinner, for the long-lasting contribution and their support to the Organization and the efforts of the Macedonians.

Panos D. Spiliakos, Past
Supreme President PMA
The outgoing Supreme President, Mr. Panos D. Spiliakos, stated: “This year is particularly significant for the development of the name issue. The FYROM intolerantly in their irredentist stance is predicted that they will be included in NATO in spring of 2008. If the Greek government does not practice its veto power now, even if the neighboring country agrees to enter as the FYROM, Greece will face difficult moments in the future. The resolution of the 61st Convention of the Pan-Macedonian Association states the following: The Greek Parliament should not ratify any agreement for the admission of Skopje into NATO or the European Union even under a temporary name such as FYROM until an agreement is reached on a final name for the country. This also is the advice of the Macedonians to the Greek government”.

Newly-elected Supreme President, Professor Nina Gatzoulis, also offered comment: “All the excavated relics in all parts of the world that were touched by the Macedonians were as Hellenic as those of the Athenians, Spartans, and all the other Hellenic city states of that time. FYROM has been challenged on this and has not been able to produce even one shred of evidence to the contrary. It is very important that the entire Omogeneia promotes US House Resolution, 356 that is being introduced by Congresswoman Maloney and Congressman Bilirakis, which advises the leadership of the FYROM to stop its propaganda emanating from the governmental and private institution, and to focus their efforts in finding a name of their country.”

The following are the new officers who were elected the last day of the Convention:

Executive Committee
Supreme President: Nina Gatzoulis
Supreme Vice-President: Dr. Antonios Papadopoulos
Β' Supreme Vice President (Youth): Anastasia Kasseris
Supreme Secretary: Maria Hatzinakos
Supreme Treasurer: Kostas Hatzistefanidis
Treasurer’s Aide: Demitrios Tassopoulos
Legal Advisors: Theodore Vassilakis, Demitrios Ioannidis

New England: George Tsitsopoulos
Southern New England: George Vlahopoulos
Greater ΝΥ: Mike Barbalios
Upstate NY: Nick Kousmanidis
Midwestern States: TBA
Mid-Atlantic: Stelios Kirimlis
Eastern-Midwestern: Christos Papademas
Southern States: Paul Voulgaris
Plane States: Athanasios Deros
Southwestern States: TBA
Rocky Mountain: Nick Komnenos
Pacific States:Dr. Karl Konstantin

(Posted 11 August 2007)

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