The visual link with the Acropolis was a mandatory requirement of the original design tender, in particular in relation to the exhibition of the architectural ornamentation of the Parthenon. The museum design responds explicitly to this demand, in the most clear and simple manner. The transparency of the Museum, and in particular the Parthenon Gallery provide the unique opportunity for viewing the Parthenon high on the Sacred Rock at the same time as looking at its architectural decoration exhibited in the Museum.

Both the proportions and orientation of the Parthenon Gallery replicate those of the upper section of the Parthenon.The display program for the 160 meter long frieze portraying the Panathenaic procession instructs that it is erected in the precise sequence as when adorning the Parthenon, and the same applies to the metopes and pediments of the Parthenon. For the first time in contemporary history, the opportunity to reunite all the surviving elements of the architectural ornamentation of the Parthenon within its original configuration and within view of the Parthenon will be available. Individual spaces will be provided for each of the works that remain in the Duveen Gallery in Britain as an open invitation to British authorities to reunite the Parthenon frieze.

(Posting date 11 January 2007)

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