Paxoi: A Trip to Ionian Islets Steeped in Myth

Paxoi is a green paradise, a cosmopolitan island that marries graphic surrounds with nobility. As with all Ionian islands, Paxoi is characterized by dense vegetation and nearly endless vineyards.

Paxoi, the smallest Ionian Island, enchants every visitor. Its shores are situated 7 n.m. south of Corfu and 8 n.m. west of Epirus.

It is ideal for ambulatory routes, romantic walks, but also entertainment in the restaurants and evening entertainment spots all around the island.

According to Greek mythology, Paxoi was created when Poseidon struck his trident and cut part of Corfu.
That was the island where he stayed with his love, Amphitriti. That' s why the trident is the symbol of Paxoi.

But apart from the mythological narration, the island has an important historic route to show, as it has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It's ideal location made it the bone of contention between conquerors, bringing it the same fate as Corfu.

Today, Paxoi administratively belongs to Corfu. There are almost 2500 permanent residents who work mostly with olive cultivation, fishing and tourism. The island produces fine quality olive oil, one of the best in Greece. Paxoi is also a popular tourist destination: it has many hotels, rooms to let and infrastructures satisfying all discerning tastes. It is not accidental that the island has gained international fame and that important personalities from around the world have visited there.

(Original posting date 15 February 2008 under the title, "Paxoi, A Trip to a Myth." Reformatted with new title on 5 February 2009.)

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