Haralambos Psilos Baptized

Christos and Cornelia Psilos of Middletown, Rhode Island celebrated the baptism of their son Halambros in a ceremony held October 28th, 2001 at Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church in Newport, Rhode Island. Haralambos is Mr. and Mrs. Psilos' second child.  His sister Anastasia, who received her christening in August 2000, is three years old.

Halambros was baptized by godparents John and Joanne Psilos.  The officiating priest was Father Anthony Evangelatos of Saint Spyridon Church. Many relatives and friends were in attendance, including grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Odysseas Nanos and Mr. and Mrs. Haralambos Psilos. Also present at the ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. Christos Dafnoulelis and Mr. and Mrs. Christos Romneos, friends from Vatoussa now living in the United States.

Following the baptismal ceremony, the family and guests attended a reception held at Johnny's Atlantic Beach Club in Middletown, Rhode Island.