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"On the Road to the EU" Series about Turkey.
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Underground Greek School during Turkocratia--
image submitted by HCS reader Jeffrey S.

Over the last few weeks, HCS has posted a series of articles by the Athens News, Greece's largest English-language newspaper, about Turkey and her efforts to gain entry into the EU. The authors cover historical topics affecting relations between Turkey and her European neighbors, particularly Greece.

Longtime readers have emailed the editorial staff at HCS to comment on this series, lodging their complaints about the perceived pro-Turkish slant of the series. One faithful visitor, Jeffrey S., took the time to pen several remarks about the articles in the series. HCS is printing these comments since it feels that the subject of Turkey's historical and current relationship with the West is an important one. We invite visitors to read the entire series of articles and the remarks of readers as represented fairly by Jeffrey.

Reader's Response to the Athens News Article, "On the Road to the EU Series: Turks or Trojans?" Part 3.

This is a concept I find hard to believe. Notice in the first paragraph the author notes about 40% of the people under Turkish rule are outside the " Dominant Turkophone Sunni-Muslim culture --40%! Then a quick, and very brief mention that many of the Hellenic Christians of Byzantium and Anatolia were converted to Islam in 1071. [There is] no mention as to how [these conversions took place or under what conditions]. The Young Turks' portion [of the article] . . .[ has] a very serious omission, as it briefly describes these men trying to unify a people, but does it mention the means. Many a Greek was put to death during this period. Then comes the . . . rewrite of history calling the Ancient Greeks Turks. And in a very Politically Correct way the author said "these extreme notions, stretch the historical truth." I am writing an e-mail and do not need to be politically correct. . . .[These remarks] are outright lies to rewrite history in favor of the Turkish propaganda.--Jeffrey S.

Reader's Response to the series of Athens News Articles posted on HCS, "The Turkocratia: Was It Really That Bad?" (http://www.helleniccomserve.com//tourkokratia.html ,http://www.helleniccomserve.com/tourkokratiapart2.html , and http://www.helleniccomserve.com/tourkokratiapart3.html)

. . .We have talked about this whole FYROM [name of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia] issue and the attempt at re-education. . .[with] false history to change. . .history in favor of the aggressor. That said, and having read all 3 of the. . .[On the Road to the EU] articles, and also having read many of the other articles on this site about Hellenic history etc., I would like to see some other view clearing up some of the issues presented . . .[in this Athens News series on Turkey]. I could be totally wrong, but I am under the belief that the Hellenes, if not slaves, were certainly second-class citizens in their homeland [under Turkish Muslim rule]. They had to dress and conform to the laws which kept them submissive to the Turks. The [Greek] religious leaders were forced to become politicians as well, and were punished for disobedience. . .[on the part of their] people, . . .[and] gradually caused the leaders to have to make hard choices between the Christian truths they held and the political laws they were forced to administer. I have heard and read many stories of Turks not allowing the Hellenic Language to be taught openly, as well as the [Orthodox] faith. Are we being introduced [in this Athens News series] to a new, watered down version of our heritage in order to change our view of Turkey as they attempt to gain EU approval? Can we ask our long gone ancestors what is true? I . . .[can imagine hearing] the sound of many voices [of my Hellenic ancestors] crying out [and saying], Don't forget!" I am suspect as to how so many stories [of our ancestors] could say such similar things and be untrue. I have seen how Islam has been for other races--look at the Serbs today. We need a Hellenic historian that can put the story of our history straight again. Please don't misunderstand me; I am not intending to incite. . .bigotry against the Turks. I do not seek revenge; I only believe that [bringing forward] the truth is imperative.--Jeffrey S.

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