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Greek Orthodox Church

If you know little of the history or theology of the Greek Orthodox Church and wish to learn more, Timothy Kallistos Ware 's, The Orthodox Church (Penguin, 1993) is a good start. Bishop Ware's approach covers virtually all aspects of Orthodox Christianity - history, theology, and church organization. His approach is ecumenical, addressing issues that unite and divide Christianity. Due to his background as an Oxford academic who embraced Orthodoxy, Kallistos Ware is particularly qualified to fully explain Orthodox Christianity to the English Speaking.

Kallistos Ware interview... A Critique of "The Orthodox Church
Moreover, you may browse through the Church of Greece Myriobiblos e-text library for views on Orthodox Christian theology and culture. (March 30, 2006)

Modern Greek Studies

Modern Greek Studies cover the Greek world, including the Diaspora, from the fall of the Byzantine Empire to the present. Interdisciplinary programs pertaining to the language, literature, culture, history and politics of modern Greece have been established worldwide. Many of these programs sponsor regular conferences, graduate fellowships, translation prizes, and lectures, as well as publish Greek Studies journals and books.

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Yiannis Ritsos

An exhibition entitled " Yiannis Ritsos, the poet and the citizen" is being hosted by the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation until May 6, 2006, in collaboration with Athens' Benaki Museum and the Greek Embassy in Nicosia. The display highlights the poet's course through material drawn from his archive. Within the framework of the exhibition, the event "Yiannis Ritsos and Cyprus" is taking place on April 12, with the participation of distinguished scholars from Greece and Cyprus.

Yiannis Ritsos Selected Poems: (March 28, 2006)

Andreas Kalvos

A previously unknown ode by the poet Andreas Kalvos has been discovered in Glasgow University Library by Cypriot literary researcher Lefkios Vassiliou. The ode is entitled "Hope of the Homeland," and is the first work attempted by Kalvos in Greek. It was published in London in 1819, while a small extract had been discovered and published by Italian scholar Mario Vitti in 1960.

*Andreas Kalvos (1792-1869), a 19th-century poet from the island of Zakynthos is among the most highly esteemed Greek poets, whose works were mainly inspired by Greece's struggle for independence . He spent many decades outside of Greek-speaking lands, and Greek was not the tongue in which he was most fluent.

For a presentation of several contemporary Greek poets, please visit the website of the "Poetry International Web." (March 27, 2006)

Modern Greek History

Focusing on vital aspects of Greece, a book on its modern history by John S. Koliopoulos & Thanos Veremis, Greece: The Modern Sequel, New York University Press, 2002, is organized around themes such as politics, institutions, society, ideology, foreign policy, geography, and culture. Challenging established notions and stereotypes, the volume is meant to encourage a fresh look at the country and its people. In the process, a portrait of a modern and diverse Greece emerges.

For further suggestions on a range of different literary, historical, political, and cultural approaches to Greece and the Greek world, please explore the - " Reading Greece " special section.

For an online presentation of Greek history "from the Stone Age to the present", please visit the " Hellenic History on the Internet" website of the Foundation of the Hellenic World. (March 24, 2006)

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