Rembetika Exhibition
Seeks Artifacts

The Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center is pleased, to announce its upcoming exhibition opening June 30. The exhibition, guest Curated by James Stoynoff, will feature archival photographs and documents, period musical instruments, vintage recordings and the recreation of the Cafe-Aman setting in which Rembetika was typically performed. This exhibition will be the first comprehensive U.S. venue to explore the effects of population displacement and socioeconomic conditions on other music genres such as the Blues, Algerian Rai and Spanish Gypsy Flamenco among others. In addition, the Museum will host a series of' complimentary programs, events and musical performances.

In preparing for this exhibition, the Museum is seeking loans or donations of the following: Musical Instruments (Bouzouki, Baglamas, Tzouras, Violin, Santouri, Mandola, Saz, Defi (Tambourine) Zilia, Toumbeleki, etc.) and Vintage recordings, photographs or documents.

For more information or to make loan/donation arrangements, please contact Museum Curator, Allison Heller at 312.655.1234 ext. 23 or

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