Novel Depicts Wartime Adventures, Romance

Based on historical events and personal experience, Gregory Pahlues' new novel "Return to Glory" narrates an important chapter in Greek wartime history.

A young Greek-American soldier lands on a beach in Epirus, part of a group of three hundred volunteers sent to Greece for a dangerous mission in 1944.

The soldiers are from the 122 Infantry Battalion, also known as the Greek Batallion, stationed in Camp Carson, Colorado.  Among them is Sergeant James Pohl.

Arriving at midnight, Pohl and his fellow soldiers are met by a group of Greek guerrillas, known as Andartes, and hundreds of mules.  From headquarters deep in the Pindos mountains, the group descends to the main roads to attack German convoys and installations.

Gregory M. Pahules' novel "Return to Glory" depicts these exciting events. Based on real-life history and author Pahules' personal experiences, the novel tells a stirring and heroic tale. It is also a story of romance, as the protagonist meets and falls in love with a beautiful Greek girl named Mariana.

Mr. Pahules was born in Athens to Greek-American parents who had returned to their homeland from Mekeesport, Pennsylvania.  Foreseeing the coming of war, the author's family returned to the U.S., where young Gregory Pahules attended high school and was drafted. Having requested to be sent to the Greek Battallion in Colorado, he later volunteered for the OSS and served in Greece. Upon being discharged in November of 1945, he entered the University of Miami and graduated with a law degree. Mr. Pahules practiced law for twenty years before going into the shipping business.

Following a heart attack in 1981, Gregory Pahules retired. Returning to his wartime experiences, he began to write "Return To Glory."  He now lives in Ormond Beach, Florida.

"Return to Glory" is being published by Infinity Publishing.Com and can be purchased through, or by calling, toll-free, 877-289-2665. Readers, especially those with an interest in wartime intrigue and modern Greek history, are sure to relish the adventures skillfully narrated in Mr. Pahules' novel.