Rouman Board Announces Two Lectures in 2006 and Series of Decennial Anniverary Events

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by Dr. Mary Lefkowitz)

Durham and Portsmouth, NH—The John C. Rouman Classical Lecture Series Board at the University of New Hampshire is pleased to announce a series of upcoming public events in 2006-2007 as part of the regular lecture series and in celebration of the tenth anniversary of its establishment. At a recent meeting of the board on Wednesday, December 14, 2006 at New England Center in Durham, attended by Co-chairs Dr. John C. Rouman and Mary Papoutsy, along with Drs. Stephen Brunet, Richard Clairmont, Richard Desrosiers, Associate Dean Dr. Ted Kirkpatrick, Dr. J. C. Douglass Marshall, Christos Papoutsy, Drs. Paul Properzio, R. Scott Smith, and Stephen Trzaskoma, members confirmed the acceptance by Dr. Monica Cyrino, Chair of the Classics Department at the University of New Mexico, of an invitation to deliver a lecture at UNH for the series in April 2006. She is a nationally renowned author, lecturer and specialist in ancient drama and cinema. Board members appointed Dr. R. Scott Smith to act as liaison to finalize details with Dr. Christine Kondoleon, Senior Curator in Greco-Roman Antiquities at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, for a fall lecture in 2006. Additional details for both the spring and fall lectures will be announced later.

Extensive discussions were held about activities to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the founding of the lecture series. Among the events being planned are an extended conference on Homer's epics featuring a number of renowned classicists, as well as a concert and the publication of a commemorative volume which will include previous lectures for the series and a history of the Classics program at UNH.

The Board also reviewed the recent success of the fall 2005 lecture on Wednesday, October 26, delivered by Dr. Mary Lefkowitz. Her talk, titled "Greek Gods, Human Lives,” thrilled a capacity crowd of students, faculty, and members of the public. Following the speech, Dr. Lefkowitz fielded questions from the audience on a range of topics within Classical antiquity. She is a world renowned Classicist and author of Black Athena Revisited and Not Out of Africa. Prior to her speech, the Board hosted a dinner in her honor at The Three Chimneys Inn, attended by UNH President Dr. Ann Hart, College of Liberal Arts Dean Dr. Marilyn Hosking, UNH Foundation President Wendy Kearney, LLC Department Chair Dr. Ed Larkin, faculty of the Classics and Modern Greek Programs at UNH, members of the Board, and special guests.

The John C. Rouman Classical Lecture Series was established at the University of New Hampshire in 1997 to promote and enhance awareness of the Classics in New Hampshire and beyond. Every year distinguished speakers deliver free public lectures on a range of topics from the ancient world. Copies of previous lectures and related information can be read and downloaded at no charge from the website of Hellenic Communication Service at For more information, contact Dr. Stephen Brunet of the Classics Program at the University of New Hampshire.

Faculty and administration of the University of New Hampshire host noted Classicist and author Dr. Mary Lefkowitz in Durham, October 26, 2005. Pictured are (front row, left to right) Dr. John C. Rouman, UNH President Dr. Ann Hart, Dr. Mary Lefkowitz, UNH College of Liberal Arts Dean Dr. Marilyn Hoskin, Mary Papoutsy; (second row, left to right) Dr. Stephen Brunet, Dr. Stephen Trzaskoma, Dr. Richard Clairmont; (final row, left to right) Dr. J. C. Douglass Marshall, Dr. Richard Desrosiers, Dr. R. Scott Smith, Dr. Paul Properzio. Missing from photo are UNH Associate Dean Dr. John T. Kirkpatrick and Christos Papoutsy

(Click here to read full text of lecture delivered by Dr. Lefkowitz in October 2005.)

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