Message from "SAE AMERICA"
Greek Macedonia

As you may have read, the U.S. State Dept. last week decided to begin calling the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) the "Republic of Macedonia" instead, becoming only the second country in the world to use that name. As Greece said to Mussolini in 1940, we say again today: OXI! NO!

In addition to the several letters Archbishop Demetrios, SAE V.P. Chris P. Tomaras and many others have sent to Pres. Bush, Sec. Powell and Congress, one of the most promising tactics in our omogenia's emerging strategy to reverse the State Dept.'s policy is a massive Petition drive. With your help, we hope to deliver more than 100,000 signatures in Washington, DC at the end of this month.

Please take a moment to open the attached announcement and download the Petition Form. Or visit our web site, You, your family, neighbors and friends can all sign... any US citizen can!

FYROM must not be allowed to usurp the historic name of Macedonia with the well-intentioned, but short-sighted, policy of our leaders. True "Macedonia" has always been, and will always be, a part of Greece.